02/23/2021 06:04

$AMC Ent Holdg What if the hedgeies doubled down on GME and AMC like we think they did. what if Apes just held because we are tards. What if Hedgeies had to sell of their stock like we do to leverage down or in their case cover their losses so they don't loss their status and get closed down for not delivering shares. What if this is the crash of the market because instead of 70 billion, we are taking triple? Just a thought.
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Phillip Burgess02/23/2021 07:18
One thing that will come from the Hearings is the .01 cent tax on stock trades. Before booing me just think of how much more taxes the Suits would be paying for those ladder attacks.🍌


Infinite gains02/23/2021 06:29
Calm down young padawan. They can legally set up calls on their own short positions. That's very kind of you to worry about those sharks that would devour you whole without a thought but.. trust me, they'll be just fine! 😉

DeepF*ckingValue02/23/2021 07:24

Maybe I used crash too losely. I will rephrase to course correction due to hegies selling their longs to cover their shorts, depressing value on other more stable stocks.

Infinite gains02/23/2021 07:03

I see what you're saying and understand your concerns. You can look back in history, or just trust me, that the markets can handle this.

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eloquentrooster 02/23/2021 06:24
it will take them a week to be able to cover the amount of shares they have. lol

DeepF*ckingValue02/23/2021 06:29

that's my thought. They have to sell their longst to cover their shorts. when You are talking about trillions of dollars spread across the market then you would see declines where they should not be.


AMCs meme cannon💥02/23/2021 06:20
In my research the thing that caused stock market crashes was people accruing debt and not being able to pay it back. not much about large transfers of money. just a thought

AMCs meme cannon💥02/23/2021 06:30

Dont disagree, but I also think the vast majority of what prople receive if it does pop will be redistributed back throughout the market.

DeepF*ckingValue02/23/2021 06:24

my thought is the decline in the overall market. Hedges don't just short, They go long and they buy blue chip, like Tesla, Apple ect.. seeing the entire market taking a dip, not huge at the moment might show that someone has to sell. We are talking about trillions of dollars. For instance, some of my solid stocks are taking a dip, doesn't look like shorting or ladder attached, it looks like regular sell off. Like I would do to change positions. my thought is, the hedgeies are selling their longs


224****59502/23/2021 06:09
You dont deserve that name

DeepF*ckingValue02/23/2021 06:15

And apes don't fight apes.

DeepF*ckingValue02/23/2021 06:12

what are you my wife's boyfriend. shut your mouth. It is in support of DFV. We all need to be DFV! I like this Stonk.


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