02/23/2021 13:26

$Churchill Capital Corp IV $Churchill Capital Corp IV $Churchil Capital Corp IV I miss Trump. The market was very bullish with him been on the power, hope people notice how important he was for the economy, with the new president it seems like everything has gone down hill, nothing good has come since he is been on the White House, millons loss their job on the first day he was on the office, and it seems like the economy is going down hill too, everything that was done right in the last 4 years has gone down the drain in only 1 month, if you dont see this you have an issue!
You never know the real value of the person you have, until you lose it 😔

$AMC Ent Holdg$TESLA$NIO Inc.$Bionano Genomics$Ideanomics Inc$Nano Dimension$FuelCell Energy

That comment ☝🏻☝🏻 was made by @Macho bull but the liberals reported to be deleted, nothing harmful in that comment, it just shows how liberals want to take away your freedom of speeh 🤬
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All Comments(26)

BigTimeMoneysLLC02/23/2021 14:11
Someone lost a lot of money today


Chico02/23/2021 13:44

Jaykftw02/23/2021 13:52

Black Lives Matter.. yes, but from my experience as a non caucasian, black people have been the most racist people towards each other calling N words and to other races. Although the root of the problem is within themselves, they like to blame others for their problems. its a never ending cycle.


naked baggies02/23/2021 13:35
lmao oh my God the stupidity


lif***com02/23/2021 13:34


Axe Capital02/23/2021 13:34
Russian bot cant even speak proper english


Power Rob02/23/2021 13:34
I'm willing to bet that macho guy deleted his own comments to blame it on "the libs", I mean, you got burned on a hype stock and you're willing to blame Joe Biden. You'll buy anything really.


?...02/23/2021 13:34
Move to Russia if you want a dictator so bad

Tom02/23/2021 13:45

Not a trumP fan or voter, but if he was a dictator why did he loose power?

StOnKs + Smokin’ D02/23/2021 13:35

We got that here with biden


Tendies Inc02/23/2021 13:33
P.S. I don't know how to tell you this but *whispers* this is a Chinese owned company


Macho bull02/23/2021 13:33
Sad to see that you cant even express yourself, liberals are insane!

Crash It02/23/2021 14:08


StOnKs + Smokin’ D02/23/2021 13:35

Big sad


Exponential Ascent02/23/2021 13:33


Tendies Inc02/23/2021 13:33
Donald? that you bud? so after Twitter kicked you off you came to webull. welcome!


Jay02/23/2021 13:32
is that a snowflake crying?


jba***com02/23/2021 13:32
this is the most ignorant comment I have seen on here. clearly you don't belong in the stock market.....

Sea***com02/23/2021 13:55

yes this ☝️ is the most ignorant comment. enjoy the blood bath


For***com02/23/2021 13:29
Remember March 2020?

Sea***com02/23/2021 13:56

yea stock market was at an all time high

Bond_James_Bond02/23/2021 13:55

Power Rob I completely agree

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Power Rob02/23/2021 13:28
have you ever considered that you may have to be responsible for your own decisions and not every bad financial decision of your life has to do with Sleepy Joe?


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$GameStop Jim Cramer with his 2 cents. Where is his critique when institutional investors manipulate the market? The big boys can do as they please but when us little guys pull off our move, it's a problem?

$AMC Ent Holdg $Koss Wisdom4real 02/25/2021 01:03
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All you $13, 14, 15, 18, 20 averagers, WE COMIN TO GET YOUUUUUU! HODL ON!! Ain’t Sellin!❤️My🦍🦍🦍🦍 02/24/2021 22:10
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These investors are hedge funds that manipulate the stock do you think they’re doing it for you the retail shareholder so you can make a ridiculous return, no they have a game plan and an exit strategy and it’s not long-term it’s not a game stop is worth $10 billion.

I’m giving psychology of trading, if you like what you hear you’re more than welcome to follow me on Twitter where I announce all the play by plays first, I don’t like posting on this platform

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