02/23/2021 18:49

$AMC Ent Holdg everyone listen up. I never use stopped losses, and all the sudden out of nowhere all of my shares of AMC were sold. I never put this in any of my trades. I haven't been training with weeble for over two years now. what I'm saying is true and accurate and I can back it up. I have written through a complaint I have only 103 shares invested in AMC. I need everybody's support to help me with this. something is going on and I'm not quite sure thank you
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BTFD/STFR02/23/2021 19:41
Sounds like you got a margin call and didn't deposit the required funds to cover what you owed. When you do nothing in response your broker will liquidate assests to cover it.


Mar***com02/23/2021 19:01
Ive got AMC on Weebull and M1. i woke up this morning and there was a sell order of 16 of my shares without my conscent.

To be clear, last Wednesday I put in For a transfer of my AMC stocks over to Weebull, so i have more control over them. the only thing i can think is that M1 is charging me for the transfer. I would have thought theyd just take it out of my bank account?


Eba***com02/23/2021 18:55
screen shots? also did your money not clear or did it bounce during their clearing stage?

Bean02/23/2021 18:56

No I haven't deposited any money into the account in months. I make withdrawals as I make some profit. this is really strange.


Crippling Depression02/23/2021 18:53
I sadly just joined so I don't know whats going on either. but I dl know that I don't plan on keeping amy stock here for long as I'm wanting to learn day trading. I am however sorry for your loss, it kinda sucks if your money gets spent when you weren't the one spending it.


LvkeStockWalker02/23/2021 18:51
They saw your shares and were like its not fair that u make all the money what about your neighbor who has no job Because he quit jus cause


Dar***com02/23/2021 18:51
Did you use margin

Bean02/23/2021 18:53

yeah I use margin


vol***com02/23/2021 18:51
Give them a call..

Bean02/23/2021 18:52

Thanks I really appreciate it


Crusty Old Paratrooper02/23/2021 18:51
thats why you just turn off share lending and wait until its time to sell tto make your sell order. so shit like this doesn't happen.

Bean02/23/2021 18:54

I already did turn off my share lending


985****98802/23/2021 18:50
Move to cash app They don’t lend out shares or anything Iike that.


INTJ02/23/2021 18:50


JustARandomInvestor02/23/2021 18:50


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