Zen Valo

02/24/2021 00:01

$AMC Ent Holdg I plan to average UP tomorrow. This is a team effort. I could cut and run with my current profits, but Apes together strong! Don't let the hedgies scare you. If you can afford to stay in the game, stay. Those holding bags in the high teens, don't sell at a loss. You only lose money if you sell low. Too much info out there showing a decent increase.
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Abe_Coiffure02/24/2021 00:11
I averaged up today. I like buying on the uptrend

Zen Valo02/24/2021 00:16

lol! I averaged up about a nickel a share earlier. Still keeps money in my bag. Going to see what premarket looks like and decide where to go from there. Either way, my average will go up, but I'm not concerned. I want to give my fellow Apes hope and help when I can!


Redemption3402/24/2021 00:08
Taking Serious lost on gme but i drop $600 here for support too 🤪🤪🤪

Zen Valo02/24/2021 00:10

That's rough. Hopefully $AMC will help you recover at least some, if not all plus profit! Good luck, my fellow Ape!


Wye***com02/24/2021 00:04
Thank you sir. If we did that 2 weeks ago you would have no profits now. We are stronger together.

Zen Valo02/24/2021 00:06

Thank you for your service! 😉


THEOG02/24/2021 00:03
Been here for weeks i aint leaving

Zen Valo02/24/2021 00:03

That's what I like to see!


847****65702/24/2021 00:02
Good shit!! Lets keep this goin!

Zen Valo02/24/2021 00:07

That's the plan! Time for pee-ons to start doing the peeing-on! 🤣😂🤣


🥩🦞02/24/2021 00:02
We been here for weeks ...

Zen Valo02/24/2021 00:02

So many haven't though and they get scared.


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