02/26/2021 03:26

Market sucked today. So instead of letting it live rent free in all our heads, here's a diversion.

We recently got cats. And by "got cats," I mean we FOUND a pregnant cat in the neighborhood and took her in, and she had her litter.

My wife saw her outside over the summer and kept feeding her multiple times a day. She's a really sweet cat, and she got comfortable with us quickly. And one Sunday morning, we saw her. She was SUPER pregnant and it was overcast and about to rain, so I scooped her up and she let me.

About two weeks later, she popped out 7 kittens. Dude... kittens are expensive!! Well, we're let them all grow up and ween, and we kept mom, and one kitten. The rest went to friends and acquaintances who promised to spay, neuter and get their shots.

Mom's name is Sweet Girl. She's the calico. She's skittish with my son, but she's a doll.

The kitten is a Morris named Odie/Otis. He's part and proper of my son. They bonded really great. Odie is the first animal that my son wasn't terrified of. Their thing is amazing and we feel blessed by it. My boy's first pet.

In other news, my$GLOBALSTAR gains were wiped out. $Ocugen Inc and$Triterras, Inc. are still in play if I ever get some liquidity. And I gave my brother good advice on$AMC Ent Holdg , it seems. It didn't tank to 6, but it fell off pretty hard. Hope it comes back strong. Ive come to love the AMC apes.

One day, millions of teenage boys are gonna be grateful to the folks who saved the movie theater from the abyss. Ever try to get to second base at the museum?? Didn't think so.

You probably could have had a pretty great day trading the highs and lows on $GameStop today too. Hope some of y'all got rich.

Here are some pics of the kitties. Have a good night.
Ocugen Inc-0
Ocugen Inc-2
AMC Ent Holdg-3
Ocugen Inc-5
AMC Ent Holdg-6
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All Comments(18)

paradoxical trader 02/26/2021 09:51
who doesn't love kitties πŸ€—

OneGoodHundo02/26/2021 12:34

Ive met folks. Crazy. lol


VincentVega02/26/2021 09:18
Best comment of the year.
be well and be strong.

OneGoodHundo02/26/2021 12:34

We're all gonna get out of this alive. Unless you own the NY Jets. Then you're screwed.


Witchofthewoods02/26/2021 08:28
Mr.Pricklepants approves!

OneGoodHundo02/26/2021 12:33

So cute!!! That little nose! I want to bite him and get needles in the roof of my mouth like every dumb wild animal ever!!

paradoxical trader 02/26/2021 09:50

I wanted one of those growing up


toc***com02/26/2021 07:02
Market did suck today. For me, it has sucked all week. I was having a great month until Monday. Loved your post, it made me smile, thank you. I grew up with cats. We always had 2, sometimes 3. Now I have a dog. My kids begged me for one 7 years ago. They’re off at college now and here he is, all 100 pounds of him. I’ve always been a cat person, never thought I’d be a dog person, and now I’m both. Thanks again for the smile.

OneGoodHundo02/26/2021 12:31

Wow he's a monster. Beautiful!! My Aunt ended up with the dog the same way. Kids got it and then left for school. lol


Jav***com02/26/2021 04:42
You the man Hundo my calls could’ve been different today but going to try tomorrow nonetheless πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸš€πŸ“ˆπŸš€

OneGoodHundo02/26/2021 04:45

Tomorrow is all we got after days like these.


Thecatswilleatme02/26/2021 03:59
Good human. I wish there were people like you in this world. If there was I would have more time to play the market. The 35 -40 cats we average in our house everyday says otherwise.

OneGoodHundo02/26/2021 04:01

We try. Im really curious about what you do now. Pet rescue kinda thing?


noto02/26/2021 03:55
this was just about the perfect blend of wholesome and WSB

OneGoodHundo02/26/2021 03:57

Trust me, you don't want my stock picks. Imma stick to cats and cooking until I actually know something worth sharing. 😁😁


254****60102/26/2021 03:43

OneGoodHundo02/26/2021 03:45

Oooh!! Your cat's beautiful!! My first cat as a baby was a Persian named Tammy. She was a scaredy, but who could blame her? Little kids are nuts. lol


OneGoodHundo02/26/2021 03:40
More pix!!!


J4s***com02/26/2021 03:37

OneGoodHundo02/26/2021 03:39

Tell that cat I'll have his money the next time I see him. And ask him not to break my legs. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Very cute!!


mau02/26/2021 03:34
😳now that is a long story!

OneGoodHundo02/26/2021 03:37

Ya got something better to do? lol I don't.


my cat TIGRESS02/26/2021 03:34
my office is located out of country. i found this two month old cat at a restaurant locked up in cage. i got little drunk, brought her to the office in 2019 october.
2020 January I came back home(usa) for break, then pandemic broke out and I couldnt fly back.
after 11 months of staying home, I decided to bring the cat here.. spent damn 3 grand.. but my wife and I are so happy now. 😻😺

OneGoodHundo02/26/2021 03:37

Holy crap, that's amazing! So happy for you. A good kitty or two really brightens up a home. Office cat would be fun too I think.


CryptoNerdz02/26/2021 03:34

OneGoodHundo02/26/2021 03:35



Money02/26/2021 03:33
Wow 😳 looks like a lot of work

OneGoodHundo02/26/2021 03:35

My wife's a hero with stuff like this. She was like a cat midwife. I just pay for it. lol


Pharaoh2918””02/26/2021 03:31


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