02/26/2021 13:12

$GameStop $TESLA $AMC Ent Holdg $Amazon.com this market is a joke would you call this a coincidence? i think the ppl really running things making us think we moving the market but we are not doing a damn thing. i have been trying to do my dd when i took a big lost and studying candles and charts but looks like all that stuff is thrown out the door. stock market is really a casino now. im mad i got into it late where its not taken serious anymore. makes me wonder if this manipulation was going on since the beginning of the stock market and we are just cattle being moved around 🤔 oh well .
AMC Ent Holdg-1
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All Comments(12)

tex***com02/26/2021 13:22
My lame brain theory is that HF were forced to sell other assets to cover short calls. That drove the market down as a whole. me thinks they are very concerned today.

Trailblazer 02/26/2021 13:24

if thats the case for them to have that much power is ridiculous and should not be a thing.


BigB767602/26/2021 13:20
Stop trying to make the market what “YOU” think it should be. Accept the way it is, align with it, and print $

Trailblazer 02/26/2021 13:29

yea let them dictate when i can see gains whats the point of learning the fundamentals if they know the same thing and can use it against you. it the end i guess it comes down to a mental game of who can panic sell to feed the HF


da bears 42002/26/2021 13:18
it's called a market correction. you aren't going to get rich over night and you only lose when you sell for a loss.

1000tesla by 23April02/26/2021 13:25

Market shit , doesnt make sense crash market down and keep houses price very high . also if u wanna crash market for something big not for nothing ! We just passed Crash in march why now again


1000tesla by 23April02/26/2021 13:17
Wht we can do ? There a lot mother fkerz in wall street


Newton3rdLaw02/26/2021 13:17
Someone turned on the algo. ThInking we can jump the algo/computers forever was a lie we told ourselves Computer will outwit human everytime!


Carrie02/26/2021 13:15
Have you never seen 8am stock chart before? Does this daily

Sasori02/26/2021 13:22

No it doesnt.


breadman02/26/2021 13:14
clueless. lmao.

Trailblazer 02/26/2021 13:16

in terms of what? please enlighten me or are you just another troll ?


Chase Blanquart02/26/2021 13:13
Same trend as yesterdsy so far


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