02/27/2021 12:17

$AMC Ent Holdg whomever placed these 2 orders with such precise smartbombs with 30 secs left either had an agenda against the hedges or just wanted to be humored. that 7.5mil purchase literally blew up the hedges and the many of them will lose jobs. you are the kingkong in this apeworld. thx much. 8.01
AMC Ent Holdg-0
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All Comments(18)

Travellingtrader02/27/2021 17:30
Its called covering a short postion


Shlomo Smith02/27/2021 16:20
he can have my wife and my 2 goats

AL02/27/2021 17:14



HOTwheels Burnout02/27/2021 16:01
I think we should thank him or her guys and gals.


WolfgangACMErocket02/27/2021 15:00
Not The First Time “The Six Million Dollar Man” Was my hero!


max***com02/27/2021 13:27


jad***com02/27/2021 13:18
I don't understand? Why would moving it up 1 penny get the Hedgefunds fired? I don't understand what the deal is about raising the price by 1 penny? Still new to this if someone can explain please?

Crayon 🖍 Eater02/27/2021 15:21

Call price bub Once it goes in the money and they have to buy it now

Hung Bull02/27/2021 15:15

Being short, simply, means you want the share to go down in price. By buying that large number of a stock that was shorted at a price (8$ here)... One penny means it's above the strike for their options and now they're losing money on every share of every contract they hold.t

And now they must buy shares at a loss to get the man his shares.

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1ch***com02/27/2021 12:56
But cant selling that many at once pullemt the price? Sorry new to this

Hung Bull02/27/2021 15:16

Not necessarily. If there is someone buying shares at a higher price than it currently trades at, would you think that indicates it being a stock that's value should be going up or down?

Buying stocks at market price obviously can be a positive movement for a price but selling at a higher asking price isn't necessarily a negative movement.

WolfgangACMErocket02/27/2021 15:07

Sorry 914,000 shares


JJ/wallstreetbets02/27/2021 12:49
NOT elon


JJ/wallstreetbets02/27/2021 12:47

17/18 🥳


WeBull admln02/27/2021 12:40
Elon, Is that you😆? I was only joking about driving a new Tesla to watch a movie at AMC😍


EXY200402/27/2021 12:39
legendary indeed. I would love to shake that mans hand...😃


Big-Weenie02/27/2021 12:39
We need to find out who this hero is

Cha***com02/27/2021 13:43

A cent is important becasue there were a LOT of puts with an $8 strike price, $8 is in the money, $8.01 is OUT of the money 🤣

jad***com02/27/2021 13:22

Why? What's so important about raising the price a penny? I don't understand the significance?

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Tca***com02/27/2021 12:33
Who was that hero like i want to say thank you to him


DSJ02/27/2021 12:33
probably Elon hahaha


jon***com02/27/2021 12:33
@DeMartiniMillionaire maybe? read his posts, he's a Godsend😇🙏🏼


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