03/06/2021 16:56

$AMC Ent Holdg The Nail to the coffin
AMC Ent Holdg-0
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206****07503/06/2021 17:18
The meeting isn't till May so the potential squeeze may happen before then ( God willing). Hopefully this will make each share accountable, and force the naked shorting to stop. I would have to believe that AMC would wait until the share price is at its highest to sell the shares, if they vote to create more, so they can raise much more money.

ClassicGuy71103/06/2021 21:31

Yes!!! Agreed.


Eelon Mushkavitz03/06/2021 17:15
you guys realize diluting the shares will hurt this. squeezes happen based on supply and demand. there is already too much supply. if we add to the supply by another 500mil it will ruin any hope of a squeeze.

ClassicGuy71103/06/2021 21:31

We own Common A stock people. Go do your homework and stop speculating

bigkomp03/06/2021 17:22

you realize class A shares do not effect the stock price of YOUR COMMON SHARES


Beluga03/06/2021 17:14


zen***com03/06/2021 17:10
oh man. lots going on


AMC2008.0103/06/2021 17:09
This news cant be found anywhere. We all know WSB is compromised. Dont pay attention to any dates or DD unless its your own!

Bobby’s Boyz03/06/2021 17:10

Its all in AMC stockholder website. It is fact.


Spi***com03/06/2021 17:08
Or you know its the close the amount of shares needed to bail out the HF from getting squeezed. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Eelon Mushkavitz03/06/2021 17:16

this exactly


oil***com03/06/2021 17:05
I can't confirm this anywhere... where did he find that news?

Bobby’s Boyz03/06/2021 17:12

Its fact. You can find it on AMC stockholder info site. best place to looK.


Dev***com03/06/2021 17:03
or it will flood the market and lower the demand/price of amc because there will be much more supply now. OR they try to short again and we squeeze even harder.

ClassicGuy71103/06/2021 21:32

Oh my word! Go do your freakin homework. we own Common stock A! Smh

214****22803/06/2021 17:24

class A doesn't affect us


DreamTrader03/06/2021 17:00
thanks for sharing


AMC $2008.0103/06/2021 16:59
so its a good news?

860****92103/06/2021 17:11

Yes indeed


Mor***com03/06/2021 16:59
Love this info.. this is food accountability for sure.. let's see it soar


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