03/07/2021 17:42

Let’s hope this helps the market & get back to a massive bull run with all new highs 😎

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All Comments(14)

Darth Trader03/08/2021 04:38


blo***net03/07/2021 21:32
they would never send them out on Saturday


butcheese03/07/2021 21:21


Garand Stonks03/07/2021 20:55
We would be better off with a potato than biden


Great ... this is just the first stimulus of many more I’m sure.


jam***com03/07/2021 20:06

Ki12803/07/2021 21:59

For the that voted for biden out of agreeing with hos policies, or even knowing what they were, them i have mild respect. The rest? Best comedy act ive seen since CarlIn died.

kin***com03/07/2021 20:30

a majority of them won't admit it. they voted for emotions. not a single person voted for his achievements or policies.


wiserbud03/07/2021 20:06
when wil people realize that the stimulus money gets paid back with interest in your taxes. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Angle.Dangle03/08/2021 05:53

Just did my taxes and didnt do shit except put up a nice fence around my house and soon to be some home reno Thanks biden I needed a nee kitchen

Ki12803/07/2021 22:00

Gee i wonder how the goverment earns money? Oh is it by taxes and bonds; bonds it has to pay back via taxes?

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209****90203/07/2021 19:49
The printing of moRe money is whats causing rates to go up, and here we go again print more money and people think thiTs gonna skYrocket hell nah i believe this one is the big crash that we wheRe all talking about.

A&T Investments03/08/2021 01:19

how do you buy puts

Joey03/07/2021 20:47

Buy puts, become rich off tanking stocks


Crash It03/07/2021 19:01


ConeRed03/07/2021 18:53
Trump is the only one who can help the market.

Angle.Dangle03/08/2021 05:54


fickn203/07/2021 23:53

Exactly ! 😎 Joe Biden doesn't even realize there is a market, let alone how it works πŸ˜‘

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Mellowgrind03/07/2021 18:11
Please do your DD if you dont want to burn money. Stimulus doesnt necessarily help the stock market, if you’re in Nio for the long run you’ll be fine. Otherwise be ready for whats coming.


Archaic Machinery03/07/2021 17:56

Dewster102403/07/2021 21:01

In need of his Baby blood transfusion looks like


Archaic Machinery03/07/2021 17:52
Not me buddy. They lowered the income threshold 🀑

rae***com03/07/2021 18:18



Bruhh03/07/2021 17:43
Fake news

jxd***com03/07/2021 21:09

done deal

Garbage Stonks03/07/2021 18:41

its as good as passed.

I wouldnt go so far to start putting dates tho

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