03/07/2021 21:20

$AMC Ent Holdg Can Someone that knows chart analysis explain to me how is the stock will be going up. Even though it’s overvalued at the moment and the MA5 and MA10 are about to touch. Which would indicate that graph graph is going to crash down to the purple line? Also the RSI is above 30 its at like 50 something. Help me understand please
AMC Ent Holdg-0
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AMC$200803/07/2021 21:55
The reason for the stock going up has nothing to do with the worth of the company or the actual value of the stock. The fact of the matter is, is that hedgefunds need to buy back shares and there is not enough shares for them to buy back as of now due to the volume private investors are holding. While your chart analysis is correct, there are outside factors you must take into account before drawing a conclusion. This short saueeze is inevitable if people dont sell, to which i dont think they will. Short interest is starting to compound exponentially, especially with the new shares from last week expiring in the money. Its only a matter of time before the short squeeze I would say.

amc=10,00003/07/2021 22:30

at least 1000

Fad***com03/07/2021 21:58

What Price Do you see it going up to... thank you for the information


860****92103/07/2021 21:49
I can tell you from what im looking at its going right through ass. so get ready bot


BlueHorseshoeLovesAMC03/07/2021 21:49
its a meme stock. not a regular stock...dont analyze it as you would a normal stock


tho***com03/07/2021 21:46
you are correct. do not listen to these fools. they are clueless. the stop has been going down for the last 5 years.

Fad***com03/07/2021 21:47

Ummm no not talking about the past 5 years


Lyriscologist03/07/2021 21:33
analytics and technicals dont apply to meme stonks


Rob***com03/07/2021 21:30
No this its all the way up nothing can stop us


WinkleInTime 03/07/2021 21:29
Simple supply and demand


Kidicarus20603/07/2021 21:28
With all the manipulation thats been going on I am taking what the charts say lightly for now🤷🏽‍♂️


Stonkdoofus03/07/2021 21:28
Do you even know what a squeeze is?

DiamondManus$100003/07/2021 21:34

it's been working pretty well so far. i think it'll happen.

Fad***com03/07/2021 21:32

Yes i do but thats all faith that people won’t sell


808****53103/07/2021 21:28
One word: "Stonks"


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