09/08/2020 20:36

Investors... All of you bought this because you belive in this company and in its future,if your stocks are dropping and you see red in your portfolio DON'T sell in a lose, this will go back up and this is great opportunity to lower your avg cost of this share.

If it was good idea to buy it at higher price then why not buy more cheaper??

Think about the future and not about the present, Invest for brighter future.


$Apple $TESLA $Nvidia $Amazon.com $Facebook $AMD $Netflix And many more other great companies!!!!
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StonkOnlyGoUp09/08/2020 21:26
This stock is so damn overvalued.

J12309/09/2020 00:36

Most successful biz ever


JM09/08/2020 21:18
Thanks for the positivity🙏🏽

Lion09/08/2020 21:19

Sure brother ❤️


nyc***com09/08/2020 21:06
Saw the fastest growth in a lifetime-highs of the likes we’ve never seen, not taking some profits would just be plain stupid. And to personify these stocks is dumb too. we are here to make profit, who cares how much you “believe” in a corpotstion.

A Bull Named Bear...09/08/2020 22:49

Believing is all that matters...yes where all here to make money but the reason you buy or sell is because what you ”believe“ may happen...sentiment is what moves prices...


RyanB09/08/2020 20:57
dude it's like you're acting everyone has unlimited money...

Lion09/08/2020 20:58

If you don't have unlimited money just delete all apps and hold


Jvsteezy09/08/2020 20:47
Is it bad im holding at 459 lol


mar***com09/08/2020 20:46

Lion09/08/2020 20:47

Damn thanks, English isn't my native langauge


Captain Obvious09/08/2020 20:42
it's always better to short and buy lower. This is going to 200s. Just sell.


2 Da Moon09/08/2020 20:38
You can lose the opportunity to gain more by holding. Say if someone bought when it was at $530 and sold at $490. That person is better off because the price is down to $330. That person can watch the charts for rentry and ride the price action up to help cover the previous loss. Whereas the person holding will have to wait even longer.

☣Yoga for Kleptocracy☣09/08/2020 22:40

I made 60k YTD just holding and have gained 150% over 18 years just holding. Could I have made more? Yes, I could have actively traded and made millions by now. But now I have confidence in the longterm future. I will retire and be very comfortable. Why should I stress like crazy over some weeks or a bad year? There are thousands of stocks and many are resilient. It is better to reposition and wait with over 40 stocks in your portfolio than to trust just one. Hedge yourself, without gambling.

2 Da Moon09/08/2020 21:41

true, I never hit the exact bottom price, but say bottom is $320..well I sold at $395 so I have so much time to buy back in and I minimize the loss I would've had if I had just held. I stand a much better chance at recovering now. I can buy back in at $200 or so dollars less per share than I could've last week. Overall, it's a better strategy. I wouldn't share, if I didn't care. 😝 Most traders are happy when people are willing to hold so they can make money off of the hold and hopers.

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