10/31/2020 04:56

$Nrwn Crs Ln Hldg $Apple $Microsoft $AMD $Carnival $Royal Caribbean Group $TESLA $Apple $Boeing $DraftKings Inc

"ThAtS nOt YoUr AcCoUnT"

Jealousy is hilarious. Follow me for good buy tips. Did 7.5K today.
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All Comments(10)

Dim***com10/31/2020 19:46


Matt10/31/2020 14:56
And like the other said why would you post your balance from June 9, we are in October/November. A week ago I had 300,000 more dollars, but a terrible AMD trade cost me 90% of my profits for the year, that’s transparency, that’s honesty

Key_Trends10/31/2020 17:35

You saying "I already posted my profits I HAVEN'T LOST just screams you blew your account out. damn.. I mean I don't wish that on anyone.. Especially that amount..

Key_Trends10/31/2020 17:34

Blew it out since then 😂

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Matt10/31/2020 14:55
That’s so funny, who’s to say you weren’t in the cruise stock five days ago when I was $18 and you road It down to $14, meaning you lost $20,000 in five days and you made 7500 back of the money u lost

Because I’m pretty confident that’s the truth in the matter, you purchase the stock higher, it went down, you were not going to sell at a loss, and you finally had a good day with the cruise line on Friday.

💰 STONKS 💰10/31/2020 15:02

you're an idiot I was in apple n sold the hype I haven't been in a cruise stock just your jealous ego hurt because experienced traders smart plays


💰 STONKS 💰10/31/2020 11:48
okay? lmfao

BigGreenCandles10/31/2020 22:29

Why don't you post a full picture? Looks shady to me. Probably lost money 💰 Poser!


Monte Stock10/31/2020 11:45
I got 80k port bro. at 20 years old. your port is nice I belive it. I used to spend alot of money . I organized my life since I started in business back in 17. people really think "ohh it's nearly impossible to have a 100k cuz most Americans don't even have $400 bucks saved" it's cuz they got it all wrong man. saving isn't hard. it's things in life that get in the way if you let them get in your way . be simple be frugal.

💰 STONKS 💰11/03/2020 16:19


Mosie10/31/2020 22:58

Stop showing off


KingofSpades10/31/2020 08:39
What a clown

BigGreenCandles10/31/2020 22:55

Stonks thinks he's better than everyone! What a loser and a poser who won't post the full picture

💰 STONKS 💰10/31/2020 11:46

that's wsup rookie how many businesses you own?


STLRS3610/31/2020 06:50
everyone made money in june

💰 STONKS 💰10/31/2020 11:46

I'd hope so it was a easy rally to trade


pennyman00110/31/2020 05:38
june 9th lmaooo

💰 STONKS 💰11/03/2020 16:18

cry baby

BigGreenCandles10/31/2020 22:32

Stonks is a poser!

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