11/18/2020 18:59

$Nvidia who holding options though earnings???..... wondering if I should chance it with the IV crush.... if they go up like $10 to 15, that'll be sweet.... but seeing that others semiconductor companies reported massive earnings and still had major sell offs right after earnings has me a way.... the last time I chanced it through earnings I made so much bread.... but I'm skeptical now....... does anybody know how to calculate IV crush after earnings???????. thanks $TESLA $AMD $Apple $Amazon.com
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Jax11/18/2020 19:18
Usually with IV crush there is a lot of buying 1-2 weeks ahead. This has really just stayed flat during that time so not too many gamblers jumped in. It should go up with long term supports in place.

Emperor***One11/18/2020 19:22

ok cool, but I'm wondering because I have a 545 call option expiring next week... so I'll here really wondering if I should just pull out now and wait after earnings it go through earnings hoping it will go a bit after weeks of consolidation.... your thoughts??


Scalps11/18/2020 19:15
never hold through earnings, might as well throw your money in a slot machine


Klype11/18/2020 19:07
Risky if it follows market. Spys looking like it could give more by eow


Cody Campbell11/18/2020 19:06
Being that this is the largest semi consictor gpu company in the world i think this is the exception and itll Go up. Just my opinion


AJK - YouTube11/18/2020 19:01
hedge against iv crush by using debit spreads


cavecity11/18/2020 19:00
Buy hype sell news you know this

Cody Campbell11/18/2020 19:05

Not always


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