01/13/2021 18:21

$Aprea Therapeutics Inc

not worried about my loss just people need to realize Stock Data is manipulating followers for his own gains..... my fault on following this clowns call i knew better but it will recover anyways anyone else holding Stock Datas bags he is 10k richer and the rest will have to wait.... can i follow another great premarket Stock Data post who is with me!!!
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All Comments(11)

Anvilish01/13/2021 18:47
eat 💩


30%weekly01/13/2021 18:38


Rusty Shackleford01/13/2021 18:38
I listened im in at 5.02 still holding


Gre***com01/13/2021 18:32
I fell for it too. lost 14%. Should have known better. Lesson learned.

tru***com01/13/2021 19:24

let's start our own group the not screw anyone over group.....my pick is EBON.... its a crypto play looks good for a couple bucks as soon as bit coin pops

sonoradrift01/13/2021 18:47

Same. I'm not following anyone anymore until I can scalp.


sonoradrift01/13/2021 18:29
This morning's move was only profitable if you treated it like a Scalp. Which I can't be since I'm under 25k on a cash account. Learned my lesson, it cost me 16%.


Allmoneyin01/13/2021 18:26
Why you mad bruh?🤣🤣


Maximum Yolo01/13/2021 18:26
dude tells you when to buy and they are usually on point. take some responsibility for your own success and figure out when to sell your self. him selling didn't drop this stock from 6 to 5.2.....

of course he benefits from having so many followers, but you shouldn't buy the high and blame someone else when it goes down. where is your risk management?

you also didn't have to take the L, it's gonna go back up in time.

cki***com01/13/2021 23:08

Yeah if he sold for a loss thats his fault. Its not stocks fault. saying they are gonna start their own group ha what a joke. Dude obviously cant do research for himself. Or actually know when a good time to get in is


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