W.H Bonney

11/13/2020 01:41

$American Rsrcs Okay i have a question about tips/strategy, if my avg is 1.9 and i want to avg down. Is the only way to avg down without taking a loss is to keep buying at lower cost, Or can i sell shares at the days high and buy back in at the low? But thatll be selling for a loss still right? Thank you for any answer
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lbs***com11/13/2020 13:42
sell 1/4 of your shares at 1.35... buy when it goes down to 1.26 -1.28 .


Sabby11/13/2020 08:15
By selling the shares that are positive and using that money to buy lower, until you reach what you want as average no additional money needed

W.H Bonney11/13/2020 14:49

Okay so if i buy 80 shares under my avg at the price of 1.3. Then the price goes to 1.35 and sell those 80 shares i can buy more when it goes back down to 1.3~. Doing ut that way wont really give me a loss. As long as i stay within the calculated shares.


304****43211/13/2020 02:56
either way


Spartan Trader11/13/2020 02:00
You can do either. Selling at the high woild be selling st a loss, but depending on when you buy back you could get more shares. however, it may so Little that it doesnt make a difference and you shoUld just average down from your current position.

W.H Bonney11/13/2020 02:10

Sweet info, thats basically what i was picturing in my head. That if i were to scalp highs and lows i would still be selling for some loss. Thanks for sharing Your knowledge and sparing me the time of all of googles sponsored pages. Ive just been chippin in a crispy dollar each week to avg down.


wol***com11/13/2020 01:45
wow..google a bit my man

W.H Bonney11/13/2020 01:49

Yea my bad man, i thought there was nothing wrong with asking peers.
Ill go check skynet google then


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