01/09/2021 00:22

$Plug Power thanks to Plug.. bought this distruptive stock couple of years in 2 ish and sold most of them today to paid off my 60% of mortgage... Disruptive technological stock will always multiply... I bought a robotic surgery stock called as $TRANSENTERIX , uses Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Robotics for digital surgeries trading at 1 dollar. can get multipled and explode like plug in few months... just a bet. thats what I did back in 2 years with Plug. $ARK Genomic Revolution ETF $ARK Innovation ETF $Evogene $Nano Dimension $SURFACE ONCOLOGY these stocks are also distruptive and innovative...
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Escape Velocity01/09/2021 01:56
ah yes, that elusive 230mil revenue with negative eps and a

Escape Velocity01/09/2021 01:56

23billion cap


Escape Velocity01/09/2021 01:55
How is plug disruptive? Do they even have revenue?

mai***com01/09/2021 12:17

Now, the price has gone up for plug. can it multiply another 50 times from current price? The anwer is No. so, i moved from Plug to Trans as it can multiply 50 times in a year. it is a dollar now !!!.

Bank-bloated01/09/2021 07:29

Dude have you not seen plug are you not paying attention To presidency... doesnt matterrrrrr future is hereeeeeeee

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STLRS3601/09/2021 00:25


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