02/21/2021 08:50

$Zomedica Corp I had 490 shares. I sold about 200 shares to take some profit off the table. what’s your price prediction going into earnings this week and when their new product is released at the end of march? Please add value to your comments . Don’t just post 💎🙌🚀🚀🚀 lol. Would you add a few hundred/thousand more shares going into this week looking at the fundamentals ?

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All Comments(9)

#Mynutzbiggerthanyours02/21/2021 21:57
man these comments savage af. check this out, just because u took profit dont mean your nutz small. you good bro.


Riskit4daBuiscuit02/21/2021 16:24
Back to 1.00 where it belongs


tan***com02/21/2021 15:12
hold till product launch


DOD02/21/2021 12:31
It will double at least By April 2 from the price it is now. Warlord has spoken


Taxman02/21/2021 09:53
Prob back down to .50 after what happened to the CFOs wife...ouch

Bottel group02/21/2021 12:52

What happened to his wive


Kriswy02/21/2021 09:33
ER always a coinflip. you can’t predict market reaction.


halfcrazy02/21/2021 09:03
yeah I had 100 since 19 so 50 at the height and other day sold 49 kept one for 1200 increase lol.

LD02/22/2021 01:57


Vosshammer02/21/2021 12:52

and after that went down 9 then up 47 plus an additional 12 with a slide of 4 to an even 160 to see an increase of 12p0r40kr00


LuciusVerinus02/21/2021 09:03
Simce you knew to take profit then you dont need our advice ohhhh wise one - clown!

Ben77702/21/2021 19:06

I only took profit after it went to 115% to secure my original Investment and I knew the price was unsustainable with how fast it ran up. Only asking to get a sense of what people think/feel about the stock (short vs long term hold).


Ricky Spanish02/21/2021 09:02
pfffffft get that 40% out of here 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ben77702/21/2021 19:00

It was actually over 100% when I took profit before it crashed back to $2.3 and you obviously 🙄 don’t know all percentages are not created equal. 43% of $100K vs 43% of $1K


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$AMC Ent Holdg $GameStop ML 03/03/2021 15:10