11/20/2020 11:56

$Artelo synthetic cannabinoids is the last thing the world needs. what's wrong with natural cannabinoids and CBGs? feel free to comment.
not hating, just curious
wasn't Monsanto and genetically grow food looked at negatively?
or do people just see "cannabis" and throw their money at the wall hoping it'll stick?
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KentuckyHillbilly11/20/2020 12:02
What’s wrong with it? Anyone can grow real cannabis, but you need a lab to create synthetic versions. This is what helps regulate it for the people with big Pockets to have control

thanosisashortseller11/20/2020 12:15

they killed people in france during a pain management study with synthetic cannabinoids. it made their bodies permanently forget how to breathe and they went brain dead and died.

007***com11/20/2020 12:09

I'm hoping this is sarcasm lol
great jokes bud

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007***com11/20/2020 11:59
Rick Simpson oil
look it up
all natural healing capabilities
this is just big pharma stealing little farmers money again


BB11/20/2020 11:59
is that what this company does? monsanto

007***com11/20/2020 12:01

I have no clue tbh
just not with the idea of taking something that works wonders as a natural product and bringing it into a lab and forever changing the chemical makeup of it to give big Pharma a cut of the check...
just plain irresponsible if you ask me


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