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02/20/2021 15:20

Trying something a little different today, you guys can let me know if you like this method of educating. I’m going to walk you through a potential play that could’ve been made on 2/16/2021, ticker: SCKT.

Steadily gained from AH into PM/top watch moving into the day/had news/low float (4.68M)/solid volume/opened around $10.3 (hasn’t seen those levels since 2008)/decent day chart leading up to the move. Had an initial run out of open then slowly fell under vwap, watched for the vwap break around 10:45, tested, failed once, retested (11:03), broke (over). (It’s important to know not to instantly jump in on a vwap break. You need it to hold/test. There are times that it will break and run, at that time other strategies are applied). As you can see in picture one, the green circle represents the vwap hold/tests after the initial break. Potential buys (longs) are made here with risk (SL) under vwap (red line/past support level). Watching Level 2/T&Ss is also key in this area. We get the clean run to $26.23 (picture 2), however we can see the RSI is showing bearish divergence (making lower highs as the chart makes higher highs). After hitting $26.23 we get our first pull back following the initial run. Some will take profits here, others may wait to see if it retests hod (high of day) and in this case it tries but ultimately fails (for now). Practically double tops and we get that long bearish candle on the minute chart. Most would take profits in this area (red circle) after failing to break hod. Even though SCKT ran to $35, solid profits were/could’ve been made on this play. This is a great example of a vwap play, many traders use vwap as an indicator and with that said, many use it to play off of. Let me know if you guys find this beneficial, if so I’ll do more like it.

We are here to help, it’s that simple. If you feel like joining our community of over 700 members, feel free to reach out to me @Daily_Dose_Trading on Telegram (free). I can add you to our chat which includes our alerts (free). If you found this post informative repost it for other to see and give it a like. Thank you all and stay green friends!

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All Comments(10)

Tim Kloster02/21/2021 01:40
how do I join

In Rum We Trust02/21/2021 07:39


Daily Dose02/21/2021 01:40

Its in the bottom paragraph. Download Telegram and send me a message!


dav***com02/20/2021 20:05

GapperstocksLLC02/20/2021 21:04

Great input man!


kentoe-green02/20/2021 19:41
God dam you're on top of it! keep it up there's a lot of people looking up to you
and I definitely agree With a couple people on here that are saying "you" are going to put everyone out of business that's using this app to " make money" off other people.
And once you have a team of traders that trust you . you'll be making more money than you could ever charging the people following you.

good luck and stay green!

In Rum We Trust02/21/2021 07:35

so scripted...how much they paying you?

Daily Dose02/20/2021 21:15

Its in the last paragraph

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WINGIT02/20/2021 19:39


Gladys.bklynOne02/20/2021 18:14
Good info

Gladys.bklynOne02/20/2021 18:17


Bklynkid63 02/20/2021 18:15

That it is


949****49302/20/2021 18:05
Explained very well. follow for sure !


Jas***com02/20/2021 17:16
Im totally starting from ground zero is This a good place to start ? Im interested in learning mire about swing trading and ETF”s and could really use solid guidance thats understandable 🙏🏻

Daily Dose02/20/2021 17:17

Send me a message on Telegram and we’ll get you set up!


WSBretardmonkey02/20/2021 17:09
how did you Do the circles and arrows ? i don't find

Daily Dose02/20/2021 17:11

These are just edited screen shots. However, you can draw trendlines and support/resistance levels on Webull.


MightyMaik02/20/2021 16:24
Thanks for all the good help and work you doing

MightyMaik02/20/2021 16:42

Definitely learning been following you here and on your telegram chat not quite on the day trading level yet but on my way started in early December with 1900 and so far up to 8000 not sure if that’s beginners luck or has something to do with the research i do on stocks i invest little skidish about of when to sell seems like sometimes im hopping for more just to watch it go down again

Daily Dose02/20/2021 16:33

No problem! Hoping everyone can learn a little something!


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