Bigg Koch

09/11/2020 18:10

$Avinger So many people asking me how could I possibly know beforehand it was going to the ground need to do more than just wonder... It's called skills not magic.... And they come with experience, practice and knowledge and yes luck also... But the lesson here is that you can make luck go in your favor... If you know your shit... šŸ™‡
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Chad Berry09/11/2020 18:27
prove your winnings first!!!

Bigg Koch09/11/2020 18:49

To who? A total stranger with no standing whatsoever... But hey lets do a challenge... You post yours I'll post mine, let's see if you'll do what you ask others... If not then you've proven my point...


M1K3Y09/11/2020 18:24
I give this bigg koch guy credit you guys let him take up so much space in your brain its crazy. Hats off to you bro!

M1K3Y09/11/2020 18:42

You as well

Bigg Koch09/11/2020 18:38

Well been honest doesn't make you right but hey I like reasonable people... Trade well dude...

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Bully Cash09/11/2020 18:23
you really want a cookie or pat on the back I see, šŸ¤”

Bigg Koch09/11/2020 18:27

Cookie would actually be great... Make it Macadamia... šŸ˜‹


Jason328509/11/2020 18:17
Thanks for the cheap shares

Bigg Koch09/11/2020 18:42

No shit genius... This one will just have micro ups... Trend will continue down ffor months...

Chad Berry09/11/2020 18:32

are you new...lol. all stocks go up and down lmao

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AGI Painting Services09/11/2020 18:17
the answer is

scam lots of penny stocks are scams look at trevena fda and tanks on the open
the stock has an ATR
It ran already on the after markets cant except to run more but to be left under the floor that beats me

Bigg Koch09/11/2020 18:21

Yes, knowing most are scams and counting on their fall comes with the experience part I refered to... Most here are clueless...


McCord Trading Co.09/11/2020 18:16
you seem like a average joe to me, average joe with some spam accounts.

Bigg Koch09/11/2020 18:25

Is ok, I'm not looking for your attention... If your weak mind is pleased with appearances thats your problem... šŸ¤­šŸ˜‚šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£


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