01/20/2021 09:35

$Avinger can't afford huge positions but definitely paying off.. thanks avgr
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904****06701/21/2021 19:27
Rawman500. I had $TRANSENTERIX on my watch list for over a week but didnt have funds; missed that boat. I bought 70 $ISORAY at $1.54 and it is doing ok. Got 500 $Zomedica Corp at $0.4795 and still waiting for TruForma catalyst in March. Bought $BIOLASE at $1.23, right before it dropped (as seems typical) but it is recovering and may see some profits. My initial $950 officially broke $3k yesterday, mostly due to $Jaguar Health and $$Avinger . Took a few weeks of ups and downs, but my webull should stay green. My sofi, on the other hand, is relying on 595 shares of $Ocugen Inc at $2.08 average. Good luck to you and hopefully those you chose to grab from my commentary pan out for you; my brother is finally making some money after a decade of slow diminution.


Bankthe.Money01/20/2021 12:20
Trash stock


Rawman500001/20/2021 12:18
right there with you bud. take a look at $TRANSENTERIX good returns in about year aiming for 60.00 and the company has no debt. its all around good stock. I just bought 17 shares in the one you posted. ZOM is well dull and goes up and down.. could be strong idk. but $SENSEONICS is also another strong buy with $ISORAY .


KennyB01/20/2021 10:44
Im right there with you im in at .5 for 300 shares. Wish i would of went more but ill take this profit!


904****06701/20/2021 10:20
thanks guys. have had a few good entries in $Zomedica Corp $Jaguar Health $Avinger and a few questionable ones.. still a lot to learn,. weeding out the useful commentary on webull has helped..


Cuson 01/20/2021 10:02
Profit takes care of itself; just focus on a solid trade.


Siri 01/20/2021 09:58
size really doesn't matter. good job πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ
keep up the good work.

MarineMike01/20/2021 10:00

Not what she said


Rudeboi_Buck01/20/2021 09:55
that's great & enough to build on have to start somewhere πŸ‘


tan***com01/20/2021 09:48
good job


Lym***com01/20/2021 09:38
Nice job πŸ‘πŸΎ


taj***com01/20/2021 09:37
nice price


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Market sucked today. So instead of letting it live rent free in all our heads, here's a diversion.

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One day, millions of teenage boys are gonna be grateful to the folks who saved the movie theater from the abyss. Ever try to get to second base at the museum?? Didn't think so.

You probably could have had a pretty great day trading the highs and lows on $GameStop today too. Hope some of y'all got rich.

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