11/29/2020 03:27

$Arcimoto $AYRO, Inc. $TESLA $NIO Inc. $XPENG INC. $Li Auto Inc. $CBAK Energy Tech $Kandi Tech Grp watchout bears!!! Bulls coming in!!!!!🔥🚀🚀🚀🚀🔥🔥🔥🚀💯💯
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All Comments(18)

SirYoshi11/29/2020 22:38
I've traveled the world and this is a no brai er. I cam definately see a demand for this globally. The price point may need som adjusting, but thos is so niche ots pure genious

Definaetly looking forward to the day these are all parked on time square. Im long on this one. lets all be multi millionaires.


DenverSOLOSTOLETHESHOW🤑🕺😎🚀11/29/2020 18:33

Alex11/29/2020 19:25



investor stallone11/29/2020 18:19
Jesus! a smart car would flatten this vehicle

Alex11/29/2020 19:24

Lol maybe lol this could potentially hurt bikes, so there’s that lol not saying it to defend it, saying it for “open your mind” purposes, we really dont know and neither do I if these 3 wheel things somehow become the next hot thing, only to have our portfolios hurt or miss out due being a bit too logical lmao


301BigFella11/29/2020 16:05
I just laughed so hard looking at this bullshit Lmao....what company is this so i can buy some puts 🤣

Alex11/29/2020 19:21

I think you’ve figured It out by now, but just in case: $SOLO. Watchout though! Lol


Brett11/29/2020 14:47
Looks like a coffin to me. At least they can bury you in it after your crushed by a prius lmao

Alex11/29/2020 19:20

Lolol maybe lol, doesn’t stop plenty of plenty from operating other forms of coffins lol you and I may not buy it, but theres always some one who will... lets see if they build enough and sell enough to make it make sense lol


Bugz 🐇11/29/2020 14:06
That thing is hideous. I could flip that thing on its side so easy. Dont park in San Francisco lmao


StockSurfing YouTube11/29/2020 08:55
With 300lb would u get less mileage? Im heavy too

Alex11/29/2020 11:05

I am not sure, definitely something worth looking into. Not the same comparison, but I have a escooter with a claimed 21mile range, which I was able to witness despite me being above the recommended weight. So who knows, maybe this more robust vehicle might be the similar if not better in that regard?


StockSurfing YouTube11/29/2020 08:54
Did you actually close the doors??

Alex11/29/2020 11:01

Sure did! They felt like any other regular car to be honest


813****28611/29/2020 06:21
si es para una persona , dos puertas no tiene ningún sentido.

Alex11/29/2020 19:33

Quizá, pero alguien comprará este vehiculo con dos puertas, y eso es lo que realmente es importante


JennyLate11/29/2020 06:16
Thanks for pics. Honestly it doesn’t look good though

Alex11/29/2020 06:17

In person it looks “better,” but it could definitely use better styling IMO


DirtyDan11/29/2020 05:46
Can't tell why you're looking at 2 things at once

Alex11/29/2020 05:48

Lolol not sure whatcha mean lol


John11/29/2020 04:31

Alex11/29/2020 04:34

Yup yupp lol


wil***com11/29/2020 04:29
that sucks

Alex11/29/2020 04:34

We shall see! Lolol Willing to try most things at least once!


散户突击队11/29/2020 04:26
wtf is this

Alex11/29/2020 04:32

A thing on 3 wheels that is actually pretty cool in person lololol


Tesla203011/29/2020 04:20
Styling (interior and exterior) seems like it is 10 years old. Unless priced under 10k these won’t sell.

Alex11/29/2020 04:32

Lots of things have surprised me when it comes to the tastes of the general public. I‘m simply a bullish messenger lolol Someone will buy it. As to whether or not enough of them get bought to make it make “sense” we shall see lol


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