09/05/2020 15:56

$Aytu BioScience the facts of aytu are thus: the healight, from a scientific perspective, is bogus. it will not work the way it is advertised or intended. HOWEVER... look for a Kodak moment when released do Trump can say how smart he is and how everybody made fun of his comments months ago. that is what you should be focused on here.
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ali***com09/06/2020 07:15
Cedars Sinai and Aytu are conducting clinical trials on this. The are recruiting volunteers right now. My friend works there and told him to ask.


ShadyTrader09/06/2020 04:20
Having been here since March I have read almost every piece of info on AYTU. I'll leave it at I disagree. 🤡


ShadyTrader09/06/2020 04:18
k 👌


MikeG09/05/2020 22:27
So if it doesnt work as intended than how the hell is it going to get released?

For someone that claims to be an md/phd, you certainly do not seem to understand how medical device approvals work.

MikeG09/05/2020 23:01

Ok, well thats different. Does not take much to get approval for a clinical trial.

Not the same as “being released”. I thought you were referring to fda approval and actual use, not clinical trial use.

I have no idea if it will work. Im more skeptical that it would, but im here in AYTu to make money, not because i believe they have some revolutionary technology.

clo***com09/05/2020 22:34

you can bet on the technology if you want to. and note I didn't disparage the stock; I disparaged counting on the healight as some sort of medical marvel. its not. but don't be surprised if the clinical trials don't go anywhere.

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Chris09/05/2020 19:53
Lmao and your a scientist from cedar sinai right? Didn’t think so You have no clue have awesome healight is and what is able to do for people do some research and come back with some info because we all know what it does and can do Its doing your DD which obviously you have not done


Tim***com09/05/2020 19:14


Josiah Bell09/05/2020 16:09
I love when people like you think you are smarter then AYTU. always good for a laugh

Mattsonius 09/05/2020 23:55

Go for it man. Personally if someone has actual source info or even reasonable logic i humor it. But what you just laid out means shit all Compared to what Ive read.

shekelmeiner09/05/2020 19:52

lol you didn't state anything other than that it's scientific bogus. means jack shit

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