11/12/2020 16:41

$Aytu BioScience Imho. Aytu is not going to run.
I'll explain later why. But all indicators tell the stock is very well controlled by orders of the big guys including Josh Disbrow.
The best thing we can do is send them this message.
we are not selling, this year. next year or the year after. you can keep playing the strip join price level and I promise you Josh...we will buy more.

Eventually it will go up...I know how Josh thinks, his character, mental mind set...just listen to how he shares info during his ER conference calls and you will understand what I mean.

In short...its all good...we just need to be patient. Trust me on this one.

Having said that..we may get a surprise after hours, but usually after hours are always a downward trend.
But that's how he will trick us.

Hold tight.
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All Comments(6)

Bruce Wayne11/12/2020 18:48
What's the reasoning behind Josh doing that? Why would he purposely keep the stock price low?


Gazobean11/12/2020 18:34
@S.Crawford2012 are you thinking buyout or A&M? Holding tight here as this game changer will take time. Have a good day sir.


Ivey11/12/2020 17:25
The last thing Josh is worried about is anyone on here buying or selling stock this stock....πŸ™„

S.Crawford201211/12/2020 17:35

we know that. but thank you for sharing.


Edw***com11/12/2020 16:59
There is a lot of people her from .30


Corona2011/12/2020 16:54
the more you hold tight the more the keep it down. Remember that.

S.Crawford201211/12/2020 17:00

yes, but not necessarily 100% true...look at limited brands... son of a gun...bought it at 30 last two years...went down all the way to 8 or 9...look now...I am glad I held...bought more at 9...then it went us, sold for profit. just an example.


Edw***com11/12/2020 16:51
I figured that long time ago


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