11/18/2020 15:32

$Aytu BioScience i didn't hear the earnings call but if the healight trials are good so far,do you think the lower this goes big investors will be throwing money at it???seems like this would be the moment josh been preparing for...just for healight alone and killing earnings,under a dollar and with 500 or more investors watching today at 1:45pm...barcodes stopped,weak hands out and the drop for big boys to get in cheap...best set up ever right??? or am i wrong please let me know...
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All Comments(5)

nyg***com11/18/2020 17:49
Yeah, you're wrong
#GoingDown ⤵️

A.bulldog11/18/2020 18:12

could be, but i wouldn't short it at this point either...i also think ny giants are gonna make a run to the playoffs! am i wrong?


AYTUMFer Trash11/18/2020 15:50
lol, it will down to OTC

A.bulldog11/18/2020 16:06

no reason for otc, an rs could help but don't see it happening...lol, will up to dollar friday...

Kas***com11/18/2020 16:00



Coolbreeze11/18/2020 15:46
Sounds good.


Da Winner11/18/2020 15:38
we can hope but nothing surprises me anymore with this one

Da Winner11/18/2020 16:21

I'm getting tired of waiting. lol

A.bulldog11/18/2020 15:47

i hear ya, its crazy but i has to give sooner or later..


#30511/18/2020 15:33
U wrong. 😂🥳📈🤑

kbaker42011/18/2020 17:12

crickets. another 🤡

A.bulldog11/18/2020 15:51

ok, i asked a question! wrong how? input,if your a short still give some input!!!


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