Psychic Day Trades

05/27/2020 23:30

$Boeing This is starting to look overpriced and we are going short overnite to test the waters.. BA has not solved the MAX problem and its not even close..this is a PR stunt to make investors more optimistic. But We know the truth this is far from over. We believe profit taking will be big this week since most arocks right now are not sustainable and moving a bit too fast.
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Psychic Day Trades05/28/2020 00:08
Have been holding these for a while now. Time to clear the board... We were bearish on everything now we need to adjust to this roller coaster market. I feel in the next few weeks we will be bulls N Bears lol is there animal for that???

BattleBorn 05/28/2020 03:37

Ah I see what you did. Smart. I'm fairly new and still learning the tricks. Shorting I think is best right now. Imma give it a go see how it works for me, because obviously what I'm currently doing is learning at the cost of losing loot not gaining.

for***com05/28/2020 01:46

man i wish i understood options. just started recently and havent dove into that yet but it looks so profitable. i. up in everything except nano..im down a grand there. although i do think thats a good longterm stock. but i neeeed to learn options!


Psychic Day Trades05/28/2020 00:02
Lets just do some good homework here and share our data. I’m getting right in it💪🏼


Psychic Day Trades05/28/2020 00:01
Wow this is the first time on webull that we have had a group of people having a productive discussion... maybe all the trolls are asleep from waking up at 4am to trade. lol


TB1205/27/2020 23:45
You are probably right that though that there will be a sel of tomorrow

TB1205/28/2020 00:10

Completely agree

Psychic Day Trades05/27/2020 23:49

The whole market is getting really ahead of itself. Today 80% of our profits came from that huge drop off... now its back at 25k its premature. FOMO everywhere.


TB1205/27/2020 23:43
Sure this might be overbought on the 1day but this is highly oversold on the 1y and even 5 year time frame


chiefredrum4705/27/2020 23:39
well then selling calls an buyin puts, heard it from you. Lets try it, we thinking 135?

Psychic Day Trades05/27/2020 23:43

Gotta look at support. Haven’t yet but 135 thats really low balling. At least a $8 correction. But hold your horses gotta look at all the technicals first let you know what we come up with 👍


s****w05/27/2020 23:37
Bot alert


Milky Trichomes ??⛽️05/27/2020 23:32
Make sure to sell then, Ill be keeping mine 🤝

Psychic Day Trades05/28/2020 00:04

Well we day trade so, ya hold on to your shares BA isn’t going anywhere. We are not investors.


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