11/13/2020 01:13

$TESLA $Alibaba I don't get it how some ppl are losing crazy amount of money on calls every day or week... think about the money you have lost on calls, had you purchased shares instead of calls with all the money you lost and went long you would have banked crazy 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♂️ yes I know some ppl are making good money of call but most of them are actually losing....
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TraderJim11/13/2020 04:27
Thats because the majority of options buyers have no idea what they are doing...


Mor***com11/13/2020 01:24
You do know it's cheaper to make money with a 100 shares of options then buy a 100 shares out right

TraderJim11/13/2020 04:26

depends how many options you buy and how much of the premium you lose... i know a few traders who've lost 5K or more

💰 STONKS 💰11/13/2020 01:25

options decay which cost money too owning shares doesn't


FOMO_DEMON🤬11/13/2020 01:24
lol. you figured out the secret🤫💰💰


BlueCollarCapital11/13/2020 01:23
I use leaps, call options with over a year till expiry and make 5 to 10x what share holders are making


koh***com11/13/2020 01:22
I turned 12 K into 41K in 3 months with calls...


BillyVaccine11/13/2020 01:19
In the market, Just like in life, 80-90% of people lose. its just thE law of averages.

FOMO_DEMON🤬11/13/2020 01:24

unfortunately lol


No F's Given 11/13/2020 01:18
depends when you buy is all


305****35811/13/2020 01:18
neither do I. I'm a newbie to stocks, and I don't do anything crazy. I don't buy penny stocks, I don't short, and no contracts. I'd say it's working for me.

cal***com11/13/2020 01:44

What did you buy to fet 40k in 3 Months, do share tour trades and help us grow as well Please

FOMO_DEMON🤬11/13/2020 01:24

alrite . nice buddy🤑💰💰💰💰

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