01/09/2021 00:17

$Alibaba china silences domestic media on alibaba probe... domestic media silences the united States president on presidential election probe. I thought trump was supposed to be a ddictator anyhow? The establishment is going to make an example out of him. If a billionaire president can be crushed..... what hope do we have?
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grrrlygrrl⚘01/09/2021 20:45
Hypocrisy runs rampant in D.C. God bless America! All that needs to be done is a voting do over. The votes went against the constitution in that the vast majority were mail-in. The polls were open. Mail in votes were NOT necessary. All it did was cater to people too lazy to get off their butts to go to the polls. How do we know it was actually the person voting who mailed that vote in??? Also, if there's only a certain number of REGISTERED VOTERS and there are way more votes...Guess what??? That's proof of fraud. Ohhh. but those 'perfect' dems don't want to look into that. Why risk exposure? Even had Trump won, I would still feel the same way. The polls were open. Mail in votes were not needed. It's in the constitution. End of story. 🤪

McGuirk01/10/2021 00:04

you dont want our soldiers mail in votes counted?!

grrrlygrrl⚘01/09/2021 20:51

When there's a shadow of doubt, a defendant cannot be found guilty. Same should be applied for votes. There is plenty of shadow of doubts cast on the votes. Mail in votes should not have been allowed to this extent.

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Shikoku🦊Ken01/09/2021 13:53
hes not a billionaire. I believe that's why he didnt want his taxes to be released well that and his holdings in other countries too. but I think hes got faaaaar less money than you would think.
I pay more in taxes than he does. if that says anything. 😂


Bullsdeep01/09/2021 01:19
I don't agree with a lot of the stuff the left says but I wouldn't ever call for their censorship and neither would any conservative. I also wouldn't judge anyone based on skin color... neither would any conservative. Those are democrat traits. Whether they think they're "different" because of who they aim them at.

McGuirk01/10/2021 06:42

ya trumps an opportunist. what's your response to trumps central park five full page add?

McGuirk01/10/2021 06:42

I know what happend. we just disagree that ita racism.

trump thought the judge couldn't do his job due to his ethnicity. a white judge could have performed his duties as per Trump right?!

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McGuirk01/09/2021 00:32
yes dictators incite their followers to storm capitals! trump just dodnt have the right wing party support needed to go full far right dictator.

Shikoku🦊Ken01/09/2021 13:50

its becuase of his repeated lies about the election and his emboldening his base. this is what happened. you think biden supporters would have done this had he lost? I think not.

McGuirk01/09/2021 01:34

they came directly from a Trump rally where Guiliani said they will have trial by combat, a d trump refused to ever concede.

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Jordan 01/09/2021 00:29
remember snowden and the leaks..... he warned us

McGuirk01/09/2021 01:07

snowden warned us about following the terms of conditions of privatized social media giants?


Bullsdeep01/09/2021 00:19
craziest part.... we have people fighting FOR the censorship. Probably because "it couldn't possibly happen to them...."

Turma Cimo01/09/2021 03:05

Twitter is not a public park. They are a private company. Trump is not censored. It’s still totally legal for him to text, call, shout on the streets whatever he wants. He just can’t use twitter because he’s a turd and you all act like his rights were taken away 🤦🏻‍♂️ This isn’t China, and he’s not Jack Ma

McGuirk01/09/2021 01:35

that's not how Twitter's terms of conditions are laid out. this is a private company. they dont have to follow free speech laws. if you dont like it, dont use their services.

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