BFT = 1/4 Milly

01/05/2021 11:46

$FOLEY TRASIMENE $FOLEY TRASIMENE From 29k to 4.5k never thought about selling a share, only added. Big Dogs don't bother getting off the couch when the doorbell rings, little ankle biters like Legacy Trades jump off the couch and start running around scratching at the door and acting all weird. Wake me up at 1/4 Milly​
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All Comments(7)

r o c s01/05/2021 13:24


Eugenemichael 01/05/2021 13:11
You better learn Diversity

MentyTendies01/05/2021 14:03

I mean that account balance kinda tells me he knows what hes doing lol

BFT = 1/4 Milly01/05/2021 13:54

yeah? I had a lot of people tell me that on other stocks too lol. not my first rodeo buddy


Legacy Trades01/05/2021 12:36
goof ass 🗑


Sea***com01/05/2021 12:32
Nice! U buying more if it drops mid 13’s? Im trying to load up this week best i can..

Sea***com01/05/2021 13:16

Haha fair enough. thats a biggg position 👍

BFT = 1/4 Milly01/05/2021 12:52

bag I think I have enough shares now 🙃


Heisenberg01/05/2021 12:31
paper tiger


bee***com01/05/2021 12:28
That’s a lot of shares. At average 13.66, you’re likely triple. Can only afford 250 shares at 13.22 here but holding until merger.


Capicu 💰01/05/2021 12:21
Does thst mean you put up 126k ? im Still learning .....

Baby Hands01/05/2021 12:34

Just subtract the total return from the market value and that's the original investment.


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