Kent Bagholder, Esq

09/10/2020 01:50

$Biocept It’s just much more fun to have 10k shares of a .40 stock than 1000 of a $4 stock after a reverse split. Ladies even look at me differently, with a twinkle in their eyes, almost as if they know I have ten thousand shares of a stock. Maybe it’s in my swagger. Maybe it’s the way I nod at them, confidently, at stoplights in my Camry, windows down, slight summer breeze blowing through my hair. If you have the means, my friends, I highly recommend picking up ten thousand shares of a stock.
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All Comments(10)

ivanwilliamz09/10/2020 22:13
Best post ever 🤣🤣🤣🙏

boyplunger09/11/2020 01:30

How much you holding

eng***com09/10/2020 22:16

are you still holding? i am panicked


Sharilyn09/10/2020 19:05
Lol I love this post!! made me feel better about my losses touche'


rya***com09/10/2020 16:44
thank you for this post! made my day as well lol


MichaelMyers09/10/2020 14:28
haha! it's all about quantity not quality 🤣🤣


Jake from State Farm09/10/2020 14:28
Do you have any Grey Poupon?


PEARLS09/10/2020 14:24
It is so choice, Indeed.

Touche’, Brother.
Nicely done.


STLRS3609/10/2020 14:01
made my day hahaha


StrungOutNY 09/10/2020 13:10
🤣🤣🤣 👏🍻


cha***com09/10/2020 08:13
LOL!!! 😂😅🤣


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