09/16/2020 16:56

$Biocept how bad do you feel played after they steal all your shares back and make you lose a fortune now it comes up just like it would have done if they didn't do the reverse split. And trust me they will throw them shares right back out there again in an offering as an excuse to raise new Revenue for upcoming projects within the next year.
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Jon***com09/16/2020 18:08
yes we are I have seen your post before and I'm happy for you happy for anyone that gets a good return and that's a nice one but think how nice it would have been if you had sold when it got up to a 1.30 share and how much would be valued now if that 1.30 is when they did a split and your shares would have been $13 a share instead of when they did the split and waited for it to crash.


WEALLBULL09/16/2020 18:01
I feel just fine thanks

NearRetirement09/17/2020 01:55

a snapshot on the day of reverse split 1 for 10. gain value not updated. the 97,430 shares should be 9,743 share times the current stock price. if you do the math, the number of shares bought mi us number shares sold is 97,430 before reverse split. nice try. its a nice gain though. congrats.

Weboss09/16/2020 18:50

ProBably averaged down

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pen***com09/16/2020 17:20
yup. They did all this on purpose. Don't really know enough about the rules to say that keeping your own stock prices down to influence shareholders is illegal, but it should be if it's not.


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