01/13/2021 18:01

$BIOLASE Just as i expected😇🤣🤣. i dont blame the shorts to get out and the weak. i am not selling mine. All those who are with me, see you guys at the $3 plus table like how i made money on $Bionano Genomics . this is no joke company now. after 20th is going to fly. Usually i do hit-n-run with oenny stocks, but i found another Gold mine 😇. dont say i did not warn you all.
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All Comments(7)

Sch***com01/13/2021 19:40
As a holder of BIOL this post made me happy 🤗🤗


ThankYouHoldAgain01/13/2021 18:17
What you think about JAGX bro wanna know your opinion

4Knights01/13/2021 18:26

Why i say this, i am NOT a Long time invester. i am a day trader. I dont have ages to wait for it. Because stocks will be here and there ate plenty of small fishes out there and to be born to fish it.

4Knights01/13/2021 18:24

I made few k on this Stock and did not forsee this one to go above 2$. Sold it too early. since is Direct offering + its above 2$. there is NO WAY rs happening. If you were with this stock since below .50cents or even 1$ average, and your total profit above. Is very much safe to get out at the peak on 20th.


Crunkeez01/13/2021 18:07


Dustin V01/13/2021 18:06
Dang! Goals my dude goals! Im holding hoping to be in ur shoes one day!


Bik***com01/13/2021 18:04
Dont take that loss hold it 💪🏼


505MoneyMakingMission50501/13/2021 18:03
facts! preach my dude 🤑🤑🤑


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