02/23/2021 02:21

$BIOLASE On days like this and wether we like it or not we have so many mixed feelings to the point we start to question our, knowledge, experience, interest in the market and if we should throw it the towel.

The above statement doesn't apply to everyone, those that have been in the market for a long time, have been through so many scenarios, some are just the cycle of the stock as it moving north (good company) or south (bad company) or just the timing is horrible for this or that company due to forces of nature, or exactly what we are going through now. PANDEMIC.

For some companies, this is a great opportunity to make money, for others, they just need to wether the storm.

As I always say, if you bought high and it drops, it's 👌ok 👌. you will be just fine.
The key thing here is : Are you truly trading with a plan? Do you know who you are in this market?
Are you a day trader, a short term investor, a long term, a person look for the next big hype?

Once you truly identify who you are as an investor, you will start to make money 💰.
As you can see some are happy with 10%...some more...if you ask why are these people happy with their investment, its because they wanted that 10% and they got it, no emotional attachment to this or that stock.

I am 99% of the time long on my investments...it is my plan, I am happy with it but above all I truly enjoy being here to help others in my long journey as I invest along side you fine people.

Bad days , make us appreciate the good days and the profit we make becomes more justified.
How? We bought, we held, we also helped the company raise the money it needed to grow its operations from every angle.

So, no matter how low your stock dropped, you will be just fine. put that beautiful smile on your face, look in the mirror and tell your self how thankful you are to be healthy and well.

I hope this helps, I know some of you are down because of the past 3 to 4 days of trading.

We will rise as we always do.
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All Comments(6)

Death2Ming02/23/2021 09:29
thanks, always good to hear supportive words.


Fol***com02/23/2021 04:26
Thank you, you have been a great help. I appreciate your advice, it gives me a sense of hope whenever my stocks goes red. Yes! we shall rise again!!!......


Bknyboss4life02/23/2021 04:08
All the newbies needed to hear that. Great job.


Johnny Vro02/23/2021 03:18
Thank you


hol***com02/23/2021 03:13
Appreciate your comments... Newbie here.. 40 plus days... learning my patterns and tendencies... Working on maintaining 3-5 long holds, 3-5 Short, and having a play every week for 20-30% gains..

Thank yoy again for your time and encouragement.


Maharlika02/23/2021 02:50
What do think about COCP?

S.Crawford201202/23/2021 07:40

ok, it's been trending down since 2015.
Just recently it has been trending up...but the question is how high will it go?.
It's still not making money, the EPS is negative. As long as they are showing progress in what they are doing, that's a good reason to hold, maybe accumulate as well.
imho, it's a long term hold.

S.Crawford201202/23/2021 07:26

Will review and let you know.


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