11/17/2020 18:14

To all, ive had some people ask about how to get access to crypto.
On your account main page to the right of your total acct balance is a little button that says “details”. Click there and scroll to bottom... there should be a link that says crypto trading... thats where you can apply.
Hope this helps!

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All Comments(15)

ago***com11/19/2020 12:21
Mine shows and I've been approved, but when will it reflect that I actually DO have buying power?

CarlosLehder11/19/2020 12:24

If ur using the webull app Have u updated lately? Could be possibility... i heard some say that was preventing it.


Veronica11/19/2020 00:19
Why dont I have Crypto trading on my account?? I dont have a margin account???

Jayrodathome11/29/2020 06:23

You dont need margin. Just need apply


Jasbear11/17/2020 22:06
I dint see crypto anywhere.

Ronnie James11/30/2020 15:44

go to markets at the bottom an click on there, then look at the top an you will see crypto. Click onto it an you will be there

Jayrodathome11/29/2020 06:23

Can apply

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Jasbear11/17/2020 21:49
How come there is no crypto trading on my account?

Goldasf11/22/2020 23:32

I have both cash and margin account and still having the buying power problem

kal***com11/19/2020 19:21

I have margin acct and I have the crypto option and got approved for trading

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abm***com11/17/2020 21:46
I can t find the option can you please give more details

CarlosLehder11/17/2020 23:44

Im sorry It was Doe****com that posted the screenshot! Sorry buddy

CarlosLehder11/17/2020 23:42

See the post that chess added in here! Looks like explains it more


Lapree11/17/2020 21:26
thank you! how do we purchase once we have access? i do not see trade options.

CarlosLehder11/17/2020 23:43

See the screenshot they posted in this chat! Looks like explains more... 🤞🏽


Dijon Doe11/17/2020 20:14
They posted this

Dijon Doe11/18/2020 17:39


Lapree11/17/2020 23:09

thank you!!!!!

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dirty laundry11/17/2020 18:34
mine doesn't show that

CarlosLehder11/17/2020 18:56

I was wondering if someone might say that. I wonder if they only sent to Certain accounts temporarily before opening to all


GrimmReapa(Mr.Presidential)11/17/2020 18:24
what i want to know is how long this damn fork hold whatever lasts. i mean its only 15 bucks but i cant do anything with it and it aint moving. which is rather irritating cause ima lil guy ya know.

CarlosLehder11/17/2020 18:59

That sucks buddy. maybe send a message to webull support!


Stormy11/17/2020 18:21
I have a margin account and I definitely don't see that as an option unfortunately.


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