01/07/2021 11:03

$Blink Charging You all can screenshot this as many times as you want, as I told you yesterday when they announced the offering, there will be a 12% dilution, there are 32 million shares outstanding they are adding 5 million shares, do the math, stocks that make offerings, usually fall more than the dilution percent, see you guys keep trading the stock at 40 and I will buy my puts on open and wait for this to go down to 33, it might take a few days as an offering usually takes a few days to close
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All Comments(12)

Falco01/07/2021 17:17
what happened bro

Matt01/07/2021 17:28

They haven’t even announced the price yet, this will fall, and then you will follow


david01/07/2021 13:12
dilution could be even up to 20%. maybe sits around $30 - $32. 12% is very optimistic!


jus***com01/07/2021 13:04
are you buying the ones that expire next week?

jus***com01/07/2021 13:13

should take a lot at the stock apps.. it's at the bottom of a channel on a upward trend and past times it bounces off quick.. lmk what you think

Matt01/07/2021 13:06

Probably, it seems that seven days from the announcement, should be enough time, I will probably buy the $40 or 41 puts, and exit out once the stock drops to about 34 or 33


tal***com01/07/2021 12:47
wish I could play this but out of $. blink has made me some good $ in the past.

Matt01/07/2021 13:06

Yes you can make money both ways on the stock


Carry’s Picks01/07/2021 12:42
I know you are Talking out of your ass cause all you saw was 5mil offering and then Went and made this post. you didnt look any further


bra***com01/07/2021 12:27
looks like your off again

Matt01/07/2021 13:07

Dude, it’s pre-market, the stock will decline down to $33 in the next week, count on it


lowlow01/07/2021 12:21
bro shut up lol.... you are worse thsn a 5 year old


had***com01/07/2021 11:54
buy,buy,buy, sell,sell,sell,bye.


MX01/07/2021 11:47
Shut up already would you


noh***com01/07/2021 11:38
sorry but u do not know what u are talking about, maybe this is not for you

Lucky90901/07/2021 12:06

Lol i believe !

Matt01/07/2021 11:42

Dude I worked for a hedge fund, I worked on three trading desk, I’m profitable in 90% of my trades

I know what I’m talking about, but if you’d like a few lessons let me know


Falco01/07/2021 11:28
this is nonsense blink is gonna be a hot as a pepper after this offering

YompsSkeeter01/07/2021 11:37

Thats some if the dumbest shit ive heard but you might be right. The market is so irrational right now it wouldnt even surprise me 😳

Matt01/07/2021 11:33

It’s called math, I have profit on the stock 4×2 on the way up two times on the way down, again if this opens over $40 I will be buying put options, you should not get emotional out of stock, we are all here a profit


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