01/07/2021 13:32

$Blink Charging Again you guys keep pushing the stock up, at 10:30 AM I will enter into my put contracts, this is for anybody following me and wanting to do the same, 10:30 AM is the time frame before that the spreads between the bids and the asks are Too wide

So yes please make the stock $44 or 45 or even $46 by 10:30 AM,
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Balong01/07/2021 14:53
Whats your expiration onmput for blink

Matt01/07/2021 14:54

Next week, yeah options I have are currently trading around $3.30, I think Iโ€™m about to triple my position


Balong01/07/2021 14:08
Are you eastern tome? Or pacific tine?

Matt01/07/2021 14:10



FrenchBullFlag01/07/2021 13:41
if it gets anywhere near $44+, it will create a short squeeze

Bri***com01/07/2021 14:41


zef***com01/07/2021 14:17

Matt youre fighting the most bullish thing that can happen to EV. Politics and EV fomo

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2THEMOON01/07/2021 13:36
I too think this will drop at the opening. Im looking forward to buying after this falls

Matt01/07/2021 13:41

OK but please note it could fall for two or three days until the offering is closed, do not feel rushed to re-purchase, thatโ€™s only my suggestion


Falco01/07/2021 13:35
lol bro i know what you are saying but this is blink charging and it has a huge following. its going up from here man

IamJumJum01/07/2021 14:02

stocks dont just go up... needs consolidation

Matt01/07/2021 13:41

Bro I live in Miami Beach, my ex-wife dated blankโ€™s lawyer who has a new house that he bought three weeks ago, itโ€™s three people in a boiler room on Lincoln Road, they have very little revenue and an extremely high valuation, and they just announce offering


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