01/08/2021 16:17

$Blink Charging However I did make a mistake, I bought my pod options my average price point is like $3.50, the mid price right now is $3.75, so I literally could’ve waited till now to bought the same position and only been missing a 5% gain, as I tell everybody option should only be purchased after 10:30 AM, when the spread between the bed and the ask narrows, because even if you’re right like I was, you’re only making a few percent, and the risk is still there, so hopeall can appreciate This lesson
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Abl***com01/08/2021 16:37
Ya bought at 9:48 at around $26 for 4.50!

Matt01/08/2021 16:40

Exactly people can ask for whatever they want and if the stock is moving in their direction, they’re ask will be ridiculous and you can’t buy the option unless you pay the ask because no one’s gonna come down in price when it’s moving against you, with That said by 10:30 AM things settle


jus***com01/08/2021 16:32
yea I've noticed that in some of my trades also.. thanks for the tip


Bri***com01/08/2021 16:25
while i disagree on this stock. that is a good point about options and having a plan

Matt01/08/2021 16:34

It’s OK to disagree, but I’m gonna explain options with a post over the weekend, best times to buy what to look for how to get the best value


dre***com01/08/2021 16:24
can you explain why past 10:30? also what time do you recommend selling?

Matt01/08/2021 16:55

Hope for a drop this afternoon if it does drop it will drop by two dollars, there’s no reason I saw your posts right now, they’re not in demand, I’m sorry you got the options for too soon

dre***com01/08/2021 16:36

well my puts expire today so any info would be great. but will follow you

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