01/11/2021 15:11

$Blink Charging I cannot beat the millennials, sold all of my contracts, my puts this morning just after open, $3.65, the same position I bought for $3.77, so I lost $12 per contract,

Again if they’re offering stock at $41, I have no clue why or how people are buying at $47 the same thing happened with Ne-Yo, I’m assuming if there is that great of demand for EV I just can’t fight it please everybody make your own decisions from here on this stock,
Blink Charging-0
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Fomoticon01/11/2021 20:00
Yep I didn't buy the puts on this one because I've seen this movie before, Overstock (OSTK) on 8/14/2020. Stock was at 97 when a secondary offering was announced at 93.50 as I recall. Would have to drop to 94, right? Nope. Shot up to 120. Luckily I didn't sell and made a pile on it, but I was sooo close to selling. Just sure it would have to drop to the offering price. Interesting to see it all happen again. Hey it was a good call, for sure, just never know when things will go this way! On to the next one. (fist bump) :D


Mr.***com01/11/2021 19:13
Lmao I sold my shit cause i listened to you Lol No biggie, I’ll get back in on the next dip tomorrow morning or next week.

Mr.***com01/11/2021 19:30

Yes i know. I’m not mad, I made the decision to sell even though it felt wrong. I’m still following you though, and appreciate your input.

Matt01/11/2021 19:19

Everybody does their own due diligence, I was stating what was reasonable fact, the fact that the stock has been rescinded if it continues not to, then you should make a lot of money, however it is way overvalued


Jim Ivory01/11/2021 16:49
Play it __Long__ in order to keep it ""strong"". I'm up over 700+ % on my investment here____

Mr.***com01/11/2021 19:13


Matt01/11/2021 16:50

Yes and your money has been locked up for six months in that time I have traded this company five times, options only, profitable for times and a slight loss this past trade we are different characters you and I


Ashlon Green Seeker01/11/2021 15:53
from my perspective, as a young man I use risk control, I have never bought Nio, I bought blnk at 7 and nothing higher. my dad blindly day trades 100,000 grand on any stock with volume without even looking into what the company does.

Matt01/11/2021 16:01

Just in case your dad didn’t tell you, it sounds like you’re doing an amazing job, risk management is extremely important, I left high school for a hedge fund on Wall Street DE Shaw, but I haven’t been in finance for over 20 years, you sound like a


Ashlon Green Seeker01/11/2021 15:45
let's blame millennials, even though they are trading with less than a thousand bucks average and your generation has the cash 😂

Matt01/11/2021 15:48

The offering was $41, the stock 5 million shares has not entered the market, the current price is $48, you explain it

Matt01/11/2021 15:48

It’s a compliment, millennials and retail investors, have changed the market, it’s no longer institutions that can control a stock


Killroy01/11/2021 15:34
I followed you into this one. im down a ton. I’m not mad. I did my homework and came to same conclusion you did. Unfortunately i wasnt able to get out on time. It happens.
Just so you know, I will continue to use your post as one of my sources for startng points for my own research.
So for, you posts have helped me up my portfolio by about 30% in the last few months, maybe more. I havent kept track of my sources as well as I should have in all cases

Killroy01/11/2021 16:26

I have no doubt we will make it back. I know tgat the vast majority of your calls pan out. You are one hell of a resource for me.
You cant serat the losses. Hell, even Superman lost to Batman once.

Matt01/11/2021 15:41

With that said, Nine out of every 10 of my calls are pretty damn good, so hopefully we can make your money back

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Catherine01/11/2021 15:19
I commend you for being so honest, not an easy thing to do. It is a rare trait to see these days. 😊


Vhk01/11/2021 15:15
Not a bad play only losing 12 dollars per contract, but how many contracts did u have?

Matt01/11/2021 15:16

88.... Again it makes no sense, but if you all millennials want to push it higher, at least I know when to cut my losses


Abl***com01/11/2021 15:13

SkarY01/12/2021 04:08

Lol unfollow ive been watching Matts moves for awhile and guy makes alot of good moves. Yeah not all but a good amount seems to be making more money than what he is losing. Keep up the good tips brother

Mr.***com01/11/2021 19:18


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