11/12/2020 00:33

$Bionano Genomics Their genome analysis platform has already been described as potentially, or even likely, best-in-class by several independent reviews and experts. However, the company apparently isn't good at marketing bc adoption has really underperformed expectations. It's kind of risky buying off of this PR since ER is tmrw. It's AH tmrw, so at least that gives some time for a bit of a run if volume continues. But the PR itself isn't anything that's too exciting: they've released maybe dozens of these announcements already to no avail.
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English Pirfesser11/12/2020 05:38
Thanks for taking the time to write that, and for passing on some solid, experience-based wisdom. My big noob mistake a year ago was relying on the emotional persuasion of chatroom people I don't know in order to make buy/sell decisions. The first ten to twenty times I saw the excessive "to the moon" assurances, I didn't even think to ask for evidence or to quit being lazy and investigate for myself. Then, when I did start questioning claims, I got a lot of clown pics and insults (that were so poorly written I wondered if people were having strokes while typing.) My takeaways: if a person can't spell basic words or doesn't care to fix even just a few errors before hitting send, there's a chance the person is inept/careless with finance as well... my tendency is to search the chats for assurances and confirmations of what I want to hear, not what I need to hear. I can make better use of my time and money listening to the unpopular opinions of skeptics; more often than not, they're the wise ones... they're the ones I can actually learn from. If I avoid them because they're not promising moon-shots and riches, because they have a healthy level of informed-skepticism, then I'm setting myself up for financial failure and using my trading app like a video game. Thank you for expressing a little bit of caution and rationality, and showing me more about doing thorough DD. It's far more thoughtful than a "buckle up!" statement or rocket emojis ... sharing excitement is fine and fun (BNGO very well could crack beyond 90 cents tomorrow), but logical and informed discussion, data, and evidence goes a long way, especially for noobs who aspire to learn anf make consistent profits. You rock.

Gabriel11/12/2020 19:47

As well, we always have to be wary of confirmation bias. There's absolutely nothing to be learned from confirmation bias. If you're unsure of your own opinion or if you're too solidly in one camp, seek out reasonable people with whom you don't agree. Their argument will either show you that your own has holes or their argument will convince you even more of your own belief.

Gabriel11/12/2020 19:30

Wolfgang, I'm blushing, lol. You've outdone yourself. Thanks, friend. πŸ˜πŸ‘

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Gabriel11/12/2020 00:59
And don't get peeved if someone doesn't have the same opinion of a ticker. It's not like you're married to it. πŸ˜‚


Gabriel11/12/2020 00:56
If you're new to this ticker, spend time researching it before saying you disagree. I can't tell you how many times over the last two years I've read this same type of announcement, only for there to be a run-up and even bigger rundown. Maybe this time is different, but maybe it's not. Past history heavily leans to it not being any different, though. Take it for what you want.


csp***com11/12/2020 00:36
Disagree. This latest tweet amounts to recognition by some very important people as disruptive technology that will replace current technology used all around the world.

Gabriel11/12/2020 00:57

And some people never learned civility as kids. 🀷

Gabriel11/12/2020 00:52

I believe I just said that this very same announcement has occurred SEVERAL times. You must be new to this ticker. I've traded it for almost two years now. It's the same story every few weeks/months. Nothing changes.

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