Paper Chaser

01/05/2021 11:37

$Bionano Genomics I'm going to Explain why this will be 10$...... For you newer traders.. This will relax you a little bit. Right now there are 180 million Shorts trading this. 150 million are trapped at 2 to 3 dollar price range... We are sitting on free money that they have to pay....All the bulls have to do is be patient and wait....It is costing the Shorts money everyday to stay in their position........ I assure you we will hit 10$ when we are done squeezing these shorts.... Easy money......Just waiting...and collect.
Bionano Genomics-0
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Radicalrich01/05/2021 14:41
how can you buy at the Dipper anything when the stock has become suspended what do we do now

Paper Chaser01/05/2021 14:42

We wait. put in a order and wait..


Daddio01/05/2021 11:43
Appreciated, where do I find the trapped between $2-3?? Thats some helpful shit right there. Ty


Quarantino01/05/2021 11:40
Sitting onn9k shares and Not selling till we hit what the stock Is worth.!!


Paper Chaser01/05/2021 11:40
Wait until big money realizes what I just explained.......

Chris01/05/2021 11:59

Thanks. Numbers check out. Didnt realize they updated for today

Paper Chaser01/05/2021 11:46

I use Fintel.

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