01/05/2021 15:57

$Bionano Genomics I hate this stock so much, and I believe it hates me equally. I initially had 12k shares at 2.20 and sold for a measley 3k profit. Tried getting back in a few times and ended up losing more than twice that when there were sudden dumps. Finally I gained confidence watching the stock and decided to hold all day yesterday and through AH since that’s where its been popping...and what happens? Closes above 7, then sells off, opens and dips below 5. For the record I have been very successful at trading up until this point, but I cannot seem to find the right buy and sell times for this godforsaken ticker. Im sure there’s a lesson in here for me somewhere.
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Sensi01/05/2021 16:25
study t/a and charts...it will help you find a educated entry point


FullMetalAlchemist01/05/2021 16:02
This stock has 3 up coming catalyst, do your dd so you dont trade like a donkey


rob***com01/05/2021 16:00
hold till monday. that easy. monday is a nuke in the biotech world.

Spartan01/05/2021 16:05

Buy the hype, sell the news. Market acts crazy, and these catalysts dont do what we think theyll do these days.


ocn***com01/05/2021 16:00
The lesson is: stop being so impulsive and have a better plan for what you’re doing w the stock. I have a stock w similar results bc of similar behavior on my end. Too quick to pull the trigger on moves sometimes


$ocraye3401/05/2021 16:00
just hold the shit and have patience


Osiris01/05/2021 15:59
I think its that you didnt have PAYtience....

Spartan01/05/2021 16:04

Obviously I didnt initially. But this is also why I day trade. Closing my positions at the end of the day is the safest. Holding and being patient cost me dearly. For the record Im not a long term investor and I dont have plans to be.


Coryd01/05/2021 15:59
Sane here man ! I had so much made yesterday, i didn’t expect it tk dip like this !🤬


ShortyBad 📈01/05/2021 15:59
the lesson is that this stock is just fluctuating in speculations about genome cures for autism.


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