01/05/2021 16:35

$Bionano Genomics If yall had any sort of technical analysis skills youd realize this stock has hit a major reversal patter indicating that the bullish run is over. the head and shoulder pattern has formed and although it is also a bullish Indicator it really represents a major reversal in momentum. im not dayjng this is gane over but it us definitely something To take into acount. take profits or dont take profits its up to you and dont listen to people trying to minipulate you into buying or selling.
Bionano Genomics-0
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All Comments(5)

Pandæmonium01/05/2021 16:41
4hr chart still looking pretty good, but we will see where this next candle closes

Chump01/05/2021 16:47

Hope for the sane of the bag holder they get a chance to sell at 7 again anyone who Held this long has got some diamond hands lmao


Gob01/05/2021 16:40
still made money twice on those dips today, sometimes you gotta do your own thing and not rely on possible indicators. They can help obviously but I'm saying you have to think outside the box and take risks sometimes.

Chump01/05/2021 16:47

Def agreed


Tony D.01/05/2021 16:39
I hope you're wrong haha

Chump01/05/2021 16:46

Anything can happen just look at tesla haha


Go_Vols!01/05/2021 16:37
you mean people like you?

Chump01/05/2021 16:40

This is just basic technical analysis

Chump01/05/2021 16:40



cjm0401/05/2021 16:36
definitely a downtrend, but their product could be game changing. I'm holding.

Chump01/05/2021 16:39

Definitely agree, but imo in the world of day trading these cheap companies are often fraudulent or lying abouT financiala you never know. never fall in love with a penny stock

BustaNit01/05/2021 16:37

Right.. Awaitinv ark!!


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