01/06/2021 01:09

This is for those who dont realize I know what im talking about here. I post these alerts to help you out and not myself out. As you can see from my other alerts I alerted to heavy resistmacw and bids getting pushed down and not being filled. If you want to progress on more Green Day’s i suggest you see my previous posts to see my accuracy with this 🤷🏼‍♂️

$Bionano Genomics
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Steve01/06/2021 02:01
I need so much help, can you imagine making and losing 32K in 4 months?

I've been slamming my head against a wall for 4 months just to end up back where I started

b29***com01/06/2021 16:54

Sorry. read mu comments. Write self talk. bank at byddy N trade only 1 Share at a time


Nofomo01/06/2021 01:40
Did you short this stock?

H-Capital01/06/2021 01:42

Nope, wish i did though


Adam_Stocktraderz01/06/2021 01:27
I didnt block you, so that mist mean something...


Uhtred01/06/2021 01:21
Ya missed that one pretty hard bud

H-Capital01/06/2021 01:33

You have to be one of the worst traders on here ive seen so fAr lol

Uhtred01/06/2021 01:29

Thanks for reading my comments! Follow me!

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Uhtred01/06/2021 01:21
”This is so bullish we could see 8 by AH”

Don’t Do What I Do01/06/2021 02:39

Charts change


cybertrade12301/06/2021 01:10
Um..who cares?

H-Capital01/06/2021 01:13

You are the exact person this post caters towards😂


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