Jacob VanNiel

01/06/2021 02:25

$Bionano Genomics I was up to 12k profit. Would’ve been nice to cash out. Im at 7k profit now. No point in cashing out now. Holding for 10+ that’d be life changing money for myself and others im sure. I was gonna hold at 6.50 to 7 anyway. Im 19 and just started investing back in march and this is a hefty amount ive made so just a little worried. Im just rooting for this to get back to 6.50+ cheers. See you guys tomorrow morning.
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Dav***com01/06/2021 03:35


Soda Popinski01/06/2021 02:47
same i was up 12k now down to 8. sure this may go down but for how long.....definitely not permanently. my bet is this is going up. the pros definitely out way the cons.

937****23301/06/2021 03:54

it's only money, they print that out everyday. you just have to figure out how to get more !

Jacob VanNiel01/06/2021 02:48

I agree im just new and with this much money on the line it gets slightly nerve racking. But i believe in their technology.


Dav***com01/06/2021 02:46
When it hit $7.20 i was up $60,000 now up little under $40k Holding for next weeks symposium

Jacob VanNiel01/06/2021 02:47

Me too thinking about selling half but definitely keeping some for after the symposium. Good luck to you.


Sportfisher101/06/2021 02:42
This is what id do: id take half the profits and let other half ride . That way when this drops back to 2.75 you wont be saying ”i wish i would of sold at 7k profit” . This way it leaves you money in pocket and money to play with. Never put all your eggs in one basket. its going to take months and months for this to turn out huge profits if not years. Theres other stocks out there that will roi you just as much. think man, youve got 7k sitting there. Take 3500 and leave 3500. If it does go kaboom you will still make a lot and still have the lifeline if it doesnt.

Jacob VanNiel01/06/2021 02:45

Thats good advice. I just might do that. I appreciate you reaching out. Thankyou


bsj***com01/06/2021 02:41
this makes no sense. if you being up 10k is life changing, why wouldn't u jus take the 5 or 7k you are supposedly up? is that not life changing if 10k is?

Jacob VanNiel01/06/2021 02:43

I agree but i don’t need the money now and i could’ve sold at the 7 but i belive we get to 10 in a few months.


Cha***com01/06/2021 02:40
same was up 14k too but holding in since .69

Jacob VanNiel01/06/2021 02:42

Yeah same im in at .62 just trying to relax.


Nat***com01/06/2021 02:35
Same i was up to 8k down to 4.2k im holding!

Jacob VanNiel01/06/2021 02:37

Im holding too. Regardless im making money but that 12k is life changing money even 10k is for me right now.


Hugh Jassole 01/06/2021 02:34
keep holding it'll go back up.

Jacob VanNiel01/06/2021 02:37

Time will tell.


DetectiveClarence01/06/2021 02:29
6.50 would be very nice for sure

Jacob VanNiel01/06/2021 02:31



Belflord E. Lee 01/06/2021 02:28
hell naw play it cool bro u doing right

Jacob VanNiel01/06/2021 02:30

Appreciate it sir


Ilikeyocutg01/06/2021 02:27
Don’t fomo bro just get out and start fresh. Greed always loses. Sure this might go up again but it has higher chances of going back down. Good luck!

Jacob VanNiel01/06/2021 02:30

Im waiting until after all the conferences coming up. Thankyou


Bla***com01/06/2021 02:27
Good luck, shouldve sold at 12k

Jacob VanNiel01/06/2021 02:29

I know. Learned my lesson. Thankyou


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