01/06/2021 10:20

$Bionano Genomics Imagine picking a random cheap stock and buying into it, then getting on social media and telling followers to buy the stock because its the next “pick”... they all buy in pushing it higher you sell your shares and the post screenshots about how “good” you are... 😂😂😂😂 and the followers are none the wiser.
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440***com01/06/2021 10:42
as long as everyone makes money who cares. ppl can't follow anything just blindly. I mean they do thats why there's still scam artist. if it's too good to be true then....

Shep01/06/2021 10:46

Lol everyone isnt making money..... its not even good captalism. its just trash people tricking others.


rol***com01/06/2021 10:39


Nofomo01/06/2021 10:24
Blocked and reported

Macho bull01/07/2021 13:47

Look at thi 🤡 truth hurts


Zin***com01/06/2021 10:23
its called being in the clique

Shep01/06/2021 10:29

The one or two that started the clique are the only ones getting rich. kinda like a pyramid scheme


NoobTrader01/06/2021 10:23
manipulation....that's the word lol


Anthony01/06/2021 10:22
Bot blocked


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