01/06/2021 22:42

$Bionano Genomics look at the financials before you get burned. they need money bad.
sorry if you missed the run up but this company might not even make it and that is just a fact.
I have never shorted a stock nor do I even have a margin account. I'm a bull that gambles. I lose as much as I win and most the time more.
read the financial reports and run before offerings start. bngo has 12 mil in the bank and burned 50 million last year. only 2 million in revenue last quarter. they need money and they need it fast
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brianf41801/06/2021 23:20
this isn't like your mom trying to pay the light bill bud give it up


Bot#62823101/06/2021 23:11
This company’s product is in its adoption phase. Financials are expected to be poor, especially during this portion of the product life cycle. Adoption is growing everyday, and the financials will improve as a result. A stock price isn’t represenative of a company’s current worth, rather, it’s what the company’s future worth is projected to be.

Billionaires8801/06/2021 23:13

Well said robo boy


cybertrade12301/06/2021 22:53
Fundamentals on a disruptive tech growth stock are a very low priority concern

Mqg***com01/06/2021 22:57

this year with EV's and pandemic plays, no. your bubble and way of playing the market will end soon. stimulus started this dumb shit all over again. pennies have been hot all week


cal***com01/06/2021 22:49
half a brain and 10 minutes of lazy research would easily show that saphyr is a world changing product. the company was up front about the money issues long before this stock started running.

Mqg***com01/06/2021 22:52

when they were warned by the sec of delisting? or when they only had 2 mil revenue last quarter and less than 1 million from saphyr? good luck. I hope they do well. short term, the company is going to need investors or they are broke


1crazybull01/06/2021 22:49
They need money bad?

Hmm maybe they should do a symposium to show investors their technologys. Wouldnt that be a good idea?

Lucky Chan01/06/2021 23:06

This guy gets it


AmateurProfessional01/06/2021 22:49
If you lose more than you win, why would anyone Listen to you?


rol***com01/06/2021 22:45
Amen . someone else is reading what matters and not PR pieces . good job man


Chew E Nuts01/06/2021 22:45
They will get it after the sympsoiums, im sure a ton of investors will be willing breaking their backs to fund their tech, thats why institUtions are loading Up buddy, theres a bigger picture, being able to see it is a gift, u dont understand because you simply do not have this gift

Chew E Nuts01/06/2021 23:18

This mentality you have is why you and the 99% dont find gifts at the right time, learn how to think like a winner and your karma will reverse

rol***com01/06/2021 23:01

Sir , you watch your mouth 🙂. good for you on ealry entry . its up to you to loose it all . this was pumped all other for days .

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CleanEnergyFan01/06/2021 22:45
Research and devopment is very expensove and their product is complete and marketable.

rol***com01/06/2021 22:52

They spend most on marketing not RD


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