01/07/2021 03:00

$Bionano Genomics referrinfg to Deadnsydes video. I trust him 100% and what he says does raise some questions but understand that Simon Barnett has not sat down with anyone at BNGO yet. He could attend the symposium and walk away convinced and excited after learning the possible uses for Saphyre. This also doesnt mean this stock will tank. I think worst case this is a $5 stock. I see no reason this would drop back down to $1.60..
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fut***com01/07/2021 07:43
lol why would you trust a content creator 🥴


Big***com01/07/2021 04:35
So dead made this video to make investors sell to buy cheaper shares ? Load up the truck next week will be a good one! I am not selling....i have done my DD and trust it.


preach33 01/07/2021 03:59
Wrong it was not based on one study. To get something peer review means the research under goes a lot of scrutiny, IF, and I mean if, it is to be published. I think Dead tried his best to better understand BNGO. However, he struggled conveying his information to us. Remember BNGO received a certification for their research. It not a patent. From a scientific and medical standpoint the certification is a big

being CLIA certified and CAP accredited ensures your test results are meeting and exceeding industry standards for clinical laboratory testing. ... The College of American Pathologists (CAP) is such an agency. The CAP releases its own requirements building upon CLIA '88 regulations.Mar 9, 2018

preach33 01/07/2021 04:14

bngo received accreditation


$ocraye3401/07/2021 03:45
without arkk this is still worth it. Other investors will join, but I believe arkk would be crazy not to once fda approval and compliance is through. she is looking into genomics and bngo is the best it is crazy that so many people including deadnsyde can't see the big picture. it's gonna happen. just a matter of when and how much..


b29***com01/07/2021 03:08
$15m in annual revenue.


Movement01/07/2021 03:05
I watched the video, it was mostly based on one study with minimal credibility. Simon needs to talk to bngo directly to fully understand. and, deadnsyde gave us his interpretation of his discussion with Simon.. 1 source then making a video...... isn't very smart... this is why I only trust Solomon on twitter, @rightstockpicks. he spoke to ark, bngo and others and he is putting everything together before he tweets anything.

$ocraye3401/07/2021 03:46

I agree 100%


Belflord E. Lee 01/07/2021 03:01
some one with a brain n a lil uncommon sense how's it going man damn I'm glad u got here


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