01/07/2021 16:02

$Bionano Genomics this is what a healthy pullback looks like. after a substantial increase in price, instead of crashing hard all th way down, we bottom out and consolidate around this area for a few days. If we break down below $4, I would be very worried as a bull. But we should accumulate asuvh as possible before the next run up poised at any time now. I'll give it a week at tops, most likely within a day or two.
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rol***com01/07/2021 16:18
It will be too late I n a week

Calimemez01/07/2021 16:25

just giving my upper limit


1crazybull01/07/2021 16:07
If we break below 4 the institutions and big buyers will jump in. Itll only give a lot more support and confidence to buyers

Calimemez01/07/2021 16:17

that's debatable my friend, but I have seen it both ways. All I'm saying is that the probability of this going higher is, well, higher of it builds this platform for support instead of breaking down


1crazybull01/07/2021 16:06
All we need is price cofirmatikn and the support to hold. Once people start seeing this as less volatile, theyll be a lot more likely to invest


Calimemez01/07/2021 16:05
sorry for the typos


zackychan01/07/2021 16:05
I've been in stocks with consolidating like this. 9/10 leads to upward trend.

Calimemez01/07/2021 16:06

yes, especially given a solid company. as well as a bull run all around.


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