01/08/2021 00:20

$Bionano Genomics For the last time people, this shelf offering is from August. There is no price of a shelf offering. Its literally whatever price they want and/or whatever the share price is. 🤷 Pretty simple stuff here. Tonight's drop was very much an overreaction. I guarantee when the bell rings tomorrow, regardless of what premarket does, that all cheap shares will get bought within seconds. I would be really surprised if this doesn't go back over 5 dollars tomorrow
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$ocraye3401/08/2021 01:49
it was August if you were here you would know


tra***com01/08/2021 00:40


tripper01/08/2021 00:37
It’s not from August

cybertrade12301/08/2021 00:57

Can’t do new offering til old offering’s closed

tra***com01/08/2021 00:41

Look up at what I posted. then go to the SEC filings


Rubenkn01/08/2021 00:29
Would they ever set a lower price than the current stock price?


luc***com01/08/2021 00:27
No it isnt from august
If your going to spread lies then show your proof
Maybe read an article lol

ProTrollNumber801/08/2021 01:03

i 2nd that i have been in this stock for a year now and i remember the shelf offering

TreasureSoul01/08/2021 00:40

It was filed in Aug and if you read the entire article, you’ll have your proof ... don’t rely on these snakey responses.. most of these traders have their own agendas.. be careful and always do your own DD. GLTA🍀

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