01/08/2021 02:03

$Bionano Genomics they stopped selling machines, too pricey at 150k a pop. they changed business model to providing machines and charging per test/analysis for 500 a pop. product sales dropped, and service revenue quadrupled. they need dough to manufacture machines. businesses now adopting subscription service business model. bngo doing the same, and it's generating massive revenue. Q4 report will reflect this. stateside LDT will put these machines in clinics all across America.
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cybertrade12301/08/2021 04:56
PR tomorrow get ready


b29***com01/08/2021 02:17
Data Collection. worth Trillions


lou***com01/08/2021 02:06
it's like Microsoft, give you office for free but charge for subscription. bngo gives clinic the machine, and charges per genome analysis. pacb charges 10k per analysis, bngo charges 500 for far superior analysis.

soule01/08/2021 02:33

So let me ask an easy one to begin. If all their machines ran at full capacity (using info from IPO) for the year, how much money would they generate. How does it compare to their revenue through Q3 of 2020? What capacity are they running at?

Pepperidge Farm01/08/2021 02:23

Soule what??? So like insider information? Lmao

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soule01/08/2021 02:06
too pricey at 150k? how much does a machine from Illumina cost? 150k is pennies for a university or research institute.

soule01/08/2021 02:28

im not saying what you have stated is true or false, its just speculation unless verifiable. you are indeed right that an IVD test (with BNGO as a comparative) could generate billions. But it does not mean the statements about the machines or anything else is true

Pepperidge Farm01/08/2021 02:24

Soule buy shares or dont, stop telling folks what to do with their cash

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Firepaws01/08/2021 02:05
They are crrating a moat


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